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Frigates are warships designed to fit any number of roles. Whether they are built as a jack of all trades or designed to fill a specific role, frigates have become the most numerous ship seen on the battlefield, often being the first ones to fire and the last ones to fall.


Frigates are often the most common type of ship seen in a nation's astronavy. This is largely due to their flexible nature, with frigates being built to fit in any conceivable role. Whether it be sniping hostile ships from afar or charging headstrong into an enemy fleet, there's been a frigate built for almost anything.

While frigates perform well enough on their own, they are primarily used as escorts for larger ships. Frigate battlegroups are a common sight in many fleets, often centered around a cruiser, battleship, or carrier.

Many high-ranking naval officers begin their careers as the captain of a frigate. They see it as an essential stepping stone in order to move up higher in the ranks.

Notable Examples