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58347 CE - Today

The Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune (shortened to FTIC) is a democratic federation located within the Mid Frealee Arm of the Florathel Galaxy. It is bordered by the Marakat Interstellar Union and the Trezhath. Containing approximately forty billion star systems, it is one of the larger nations within the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy and a member of the security council.

Founding Species

The two founding species of the FTIC are the Talamats and the Kareliss. These two species evolved on the planets of Frolira and Tuar, which are located very close to each other, and as such made contact with each other very early in their histories. Because both species were very logical in nature, they saw a merger of their two expanding nations to be in their best interest, and they were united into one nation.


The government of the FTIC is based primarily on the idea that the government should protect the most vulnerable individuals within the nation. It does this via a system of high taxation of the extremely rich, as well as government unemployment support. The current government of the FTIC is probably one of the farthest to the left on the political spectrum within Frolira.


The FTIC is divided rather arbitrarily into a total of 27 large States. These states are each divided into four quadrants, each of which is divided into a series of small sectors. These sectors constitute most of local government. The region around Frolira and Tuar is not in any state, instead being its own Capital District. The area surrounding Lyxis is similarly not in any state.

Interestingly, for judicial purposes, the nation is divided into 31 districts completely unrelated to the 27 states, which are then similarly divided into quadrants and sectors.

Major Planets

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PlanetIcon.png Tuar PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Lyxis MegastructureIcon.png
Mid Frealee Arm, Central Sector
Mid Frealee Arm, Central Sector
Mid Frealee Arm, Lyxis Sector
Unique Attributes:


Due to the nation being originally founded by a union between two species, the Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune correspondingly has two capitals, Frolira and Tuar.



Frolira is one of the capitals of the FTIC, and is the more conservative of them. It has a remarkably low surface population for a capital world, and as such has most of its ancestral ecosystem intact. Frolira, orbiting a red dwarf, is tidally locked. As such, its night side is covered in kilometers of ice, although the inhabitants are working to melt the ice and terraform the dark side of the planet. Frolira is the homeworld of the Talamats, one of the founding species of the FTIC.

Despite its incredibly low surface population, the population within its hill sphere is very densely packed, with many orbital rings and such a large number of habitation cylinders that average distances between them are less than ten kilometers.



Tuar is an extremely cold world orbiting the red dwarf Mizadan, and is the homeworld of the Kareliss. It is the legislative and judicial capital of the FTIC, and has a much higher surface population than its partner Frolira. Tuar is home to exotic oceans on its day side made of methane, ethane, and other hydrocarbons, making for exotic life. Tuar has many orbital rings surrounding it, allowing for easy transfer from the surface to orbit.

Due to its exotic surface conditions, many carbon-based species are surprised by the existence of a thriving species here, despite the fact that intelligent species originating from planets such as Tuar are just as common as those from water worlds. Probably subconscious water chauvinism at work.

Population Demographic

The vast majority of the population of the FTIC is composed of the founding species of the Talamats and the Kareliss. These two species together make up 71% of the entire population of the nation. The most common minority species are the Poreltids and the Tareza, and all other species aside from these four make up just 2 percent of the population.



First Revolution and Counterrevolution

Second Revolution


War of Saiheran Succession

Modern Times

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