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The Fursus System belongs to the nation known as the Union and is located in the Lewis Galaxy, in Hercshel Space and in Herschel Space. It is formed by seven planets orbiting a Giant Orange Star. Due to the massive size of the Star, the inner planets are burnt and reach very high temperatures, while the outer planets have more mid comfortable temperatures. It has a total population of 80 Billion inhabitants, more than half of whom live in the Planet Kataria.

There are 3 rocky planets and 4 gas planets. There are the Following:

  1. Soika: Its a large gasy planet, although not very warm as it may seem due to its thick atmosphere preventing the radiation from warming up its inside. It orbit is also very strange, with a period where it is very close to the star and periods where it is far. 2 Billion people live in this planet's floating cities. Most inhabitants are scientists and military personel as well as associated workers to serve their needs.
  2. Udumu: It's the closest rocky world. Its so warm that its crust is of a reddish color and full of lava flows. It's very inhospitable and its used by the Union a Prison World. Domes and other facilities exist to use the geothermic power of this planet to produce alloys. The working population and the criminals amount for 2 Billion.
  3. Bigra: Its the largest Gas planet in the Entire System. It is also red and very hot. Its gases absorb most of the heat of the star. It has a total population (most notably on its moons and in cities floating around is night/day side) of 3 Billion.
  4. Elaudran: Less hot than its neighbor Bigra, the planet is still very hot on its midday reaching temperatures of 200 degrees. However, the fringes of day/night are comfortable at 20 or 10 degrees. Most of the population on Elaudran lives in domes in this areas. In fact, the Domes are not static but move following the rotation of the planet, in order to always be in the Day/night fringe zones. The population is 5 Billion
  5. Zado: A Gas small planet, it is even more mild, with temperatures between 100 and 50 degrees. It has several moons that hold a military base, and several mining and chemical processing plants. Several floating domes also exist around the gasy planet. The total population of Zado is 8 Billion.
  6. Kataria: It's the only habitable planet in the System, as well as the most populated. It is for the most part an oceanic world. Very few islands exist here and there, and following the style of Ishai, they are numerous floating cities. The Total population of the Planet is 44 Billion, holding more than half of the system's population.
  7. Koranix: A giant gas planet, it is located in the outskirts of the system. After Kataria it is one of the most inhabited. Mostly used for mining and chemical production to serve the needs of Kataria. It has a total population of 16 Billion, counting floating cities and moons.
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