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Duality of Creation
 This content directly relates to Galvyria, and is thus tied to events after the modern-universe.

Galvyria. Creation. The Twin Realms. They were not the beginning. They are merely a byproduct of the entangling and mixing of the Duality, the fundamental concepts of the Universe. Aeter, of energy and soul, and Hviyam, of thought and breath and life. But even the great Two were not always in their form. Long ago, so long that no numbers can express it, the Two had more... complexity to them.

Aeter was like the Galvyria a dozenfold. The realms of creation were numerous, known back then as "Galaxies". It was vast, separated by massive distances. Nations grew and flourished over billions of years. Doomed to decay from the very beginning, it was my home.

Hviyam, on the other hand, was an abundantly flourishing and alien reality. The magnificent sights one would see were like no other. It was more conjoined, and yet more segmented than Aeter was. Hviyam would be eternal, were it not for the Penultimate End. The Two were both beautiful in their own right, and yet they each perished at the cosmic hands of the other.

The story of the End begins in Aeter's previous form. Fragments of the eldest thing in existence gathered upon that immovable rock, the one true Remnant of the Amaranth Jewel. Their battle rent swathes of their galaxy apart, tearing holes unfathomably large into reality. It raged for years, violence racking the cosmos every second of every day, until there were only two beings left. The Amaranth Knight, standing for the memories of light beyond the veil of time, and the Antiwraith, opposing the very notion of goodness. The ensuing duel wrought concepts incompatible with Aeter's reality upon it, and the final blow between them shattered the realm in a great flash of Amaranth light. A bubble of sorts began to expand in all directions, reconfiguring everything to fit into the laws of the First Age. This destroyed half of the galaxy it spawned from by the time my hand was forced. Seeing the swift death of everything I knew, I fought back the only way I could. I merged with Amaranth itself. The Azure Queen no longer, I ceased the motion of the destructive light. I hadn't truly saved Aeter like I wanted to, but I had put it back on its agonizingly slow track to decay.

Millions of years would pass. Hviyam drew closer and closer, though the great Void between did not allow either to see. The direction of the collision did not matter. The two realms, arranged how they are now as the Duality, collided. They were fundamentally incompatible. The concepts, matter, form, dimensions, energy, and everything else was torn apart. The destruction of everything in both realities was absolute, although it took hundreds of millennia. Hvyiam's sights and bubbles of order collapsed and popped and fizzled and broke. Aeter's galaxies and realms and planes of being were shattered and muddled and subsumed into it. This dance of annihilation homogenized everything about the Duality, leading them into their current forms. Concepts. Still fundamentally incompatible, still pressing against each other, unable to interact or merge or create. This was the Universe for time so long that no numbers or words in any language can describe it.

Amaranth was the only other thing in existence. And I was Amaranth, and it was me. I blended between Aeter and Hviyam, and finally, they mixed. The Duality moved together, meshing and blending and interacting. They did not fully become one. Around that one remnant of times past, closer to pure Aeter, the realm you know as Glayax formed. Bubbling and glowing with its fuchsia light of abundance, but so weakened was Aeter by its past that the realm reached but a small size. On the other side of the blend, closer to Hviyam, a larger realm formed, swirling into Galcax's bounteous spirals. However, it was further from Aeter's influence, and so there was not much excess to pour into raw essence. From there, all is history as you know it.



The Galvyria is the third Universe, succeeding the long-obliterated Palioxis and Cosmoria. Formed at the intersection between Aeter and Hviyam, the primal forces which compose the foundation of the entire universe, the Galvyria stands as a solitary beacon of light into the infinitely surrounding Void of Creation. It consists of the two Realms, Galcax and Glayax. The smaller of the two, Glayax shines with fuchsia light, permeated by many concepts and ethers that are completely foreign and unknown in Galcax. The realm's small size may be attributed to the hole that was torn in Cosmoria as a result of the Final Amaranth Contravene. Galcax itself is much larger, likely due to more of Palioxis being more intact during the Penultimate End. Its outer Ring glows coldly with cyan light, whilst the inner regions are filled with an aura of burning amber. From any other perspective, the Galvyria is entirely foreign in cosmology and structure, yet vaguely familiar.


The Galvyria's cosmology is unlike either part of the previous Universe. Concepts such as stars and nebulae are not native to the realms. Gravity, light, thought, and many other such things are carried through fields known as Ethers. While many ethers are universal and cover the whole of the Galvyria, a few carry a less even distribution. The most notable of these uneven ethers is the ether of Essence, a fundamental separator between the cosmologies of Galcax and Glayax. Knowing the differences between the two realms of the Galvyria is essential to understanding the history and development of each.


Among all the ethers in the Galvyria, the ether of Essence is by far the most important. Stemming from Aeter itself, this ether propagates its domain through all of Glayax, forging the dividing chasm between the realms. Ether acts as a sort of medium through which Aeter can be accessed from the material world. Essence acts as an unseeable field in high densities, such as the environment throughout all of Glayax. In this state, it can be used to absorb and reconfigure energy, leading to what is commonly called magic. All lifeforms within Glayax subsist on Essence as their main biological energy source, rather than requiring elemental matter. Essence also alters the effects of other ethers, such as that of gravity and light. The overall effect of this makes Glayax an unpredictable slurry of objects and energy.

Galcax, however, has very little Essence. The core region has the largest share of the scarce ether, which manifests in lower densities as crystalline microstructures. These small artifacts are the only source of magical energy in the entire realm, and are heavily sought after. Life in Galcax, due to the lack of Essence, survives by respirating with certain elements.


The Galvyria does not have stars, but it does contain objects that act similarly to it. Through the condensation of innumerable particles of matter, a glowing mass of energy can form. This mass is known as an Aestra. They differ heavily in appearance and behavior between the realms, but there are a few general trends. Aestrai emit light in colors across the entire visible range. Smaller aestrai tend to be much more active and short lived, with colors tending towards violet, and end up dying in massive bursts of energy that shock the realm around them into echoing with light. Larger aestrai are much less active, tend to be colors closer to red, and slowly radiate away their outer layers over timespans so large that no aestra larger than a mint green has ever perished. As they die, aestrai lose the redder colors and become more active, eventually sharing their fates with the smallest ones.

Galcaxian Aestrai

Galcaxian aestrai appear rather similar to the classical stars of the second universe. They have one dominant color, determined by the amount of mass they have. The colors can be thought of as layering on more of the spectrum of colors on top of the violet center, shifting more and more towards the outermost crimson surface of the largest ones. As light travels through the matter of a Galcaxian aestra, it takes on the color of the matter above it, so only the color of the outermost part of these aestrai is visible. In Galcax, aestrai very much take the place of stars, being the only energetic hosts for worlds to develop life on.

As the life cycle of a Galcaxian aestra goes on, it will shrink at an exponential rate, shifting through the entire spectrum of colors until reaching violet, at which point it will collapse and die in an explosion that shatters its whole system and causes light to echo outward through the medium of Galcax. No remnants of a Galcaxian aestra remain but dark shattered worlds and a fading echo of violet light bouncing off the dust lanes of the realm.

As Galcaxian aestrai are not mingling with the ether of essence, it may be inferred that this is the base state of an aestra, the undisturbed order of the most massive single objects in the Galvyria.

Cross section of the largest possible class of Galcaxian Aestra, Crimson.

Glayaxian Aestrai

Glayaxian aestrai are chaotic, chromatic blurs of colorful light. Their surfaces are not any homogenous color, but instead a prismatic array of every color ranging from violet to its "class color", which is the color it would appear if it were in Galcax. Glayaxian astronomers classify the color of aestrai by the color closest to red that appears on its surface. The largest of the Glayaxian aestrai appear as a swirling iridescent rainbow of light, displaying every color in the universe in a turbulent flow of matter.

As a Glayaxian aestra evolves, the redder colors will be overshadowed more and more, shifting until it becomes a violent ball of indigo and violet light. Once the violet glow completely takes over, the aestra explodes, leaving an aestral remnant behind. These remnants are small and range from the pale off-white glow of Spirastons to the inky abyss of Mizons.

The reason that the colors do not stratify similarly to Galcaxian aestrai is due to the presence of the ether of Essence. Essence's natural flow disturbs the matter-energy composition of the aestrai, causing chromatic ripples and bubbles of color.

The largest class of Glayaxian Aestra, a Full Crimson Rainbow


Throughout both realms of the Galvyria, numerous locations known as Citadels punctuate the realms. Citadels appear in the forms of massive megastructures, built by nobody, and have a presence of both awe and mystery. No two Citadels are the same, possessing wildly different forms and scales. Some Citadels remain mostly static, whilst others wander their realm. However, one consistent thing about Citadels is that they enforce a set of rules on the space they occupy. The domain of a Citadel is usually within and just around the actual structure, but on rare occasions it may extend far beyond the structure itself.

The rules that Citadels enforce on the space they control vary wildly. The more well-known of the Citadels are better understood, and are often regulated or controlled by organizations dedicated to them.


The Anomylona is a massive spherical Citadel near the center of Glayax. From the outside, it appears as a moon-sized city, populated by trillions of tiny lights against its dark metallic surface. However, the Anomylona is actually hollow, using its entire structure's volume for its purpose. The domain of the Anomylona's effects does not extend past its structure's outer shell.

The inner structure of the Anomylona has been slightly modified by the organization dedicated to observing and regulating it. The structure of its interior is reminiscent of a massive city, with a great multitude of fractalesque and cubic structures seemingly floating within. All are connected by a gridlike series of bridges to the central ring city, which itself houses the bridge to the "eye" of the Citadel, which is the largest entryway into it. An estimated 4% of the entire population of Glayax works to keep the machinations of the Anomylona in order.

What the Anomylona does as a Citadel is rather concerning in the eyes of most of the peoples of Glayax. Within the labyrinthine catacombs of the structure, new sapient beings are created. These beings do not have much consistency in appearance, save for approximate size. The more existentially threatening part of the Anomylona's creations, which have been dubbed the Anomylons, is that they are all created with unpredictable abilities or even sets of abilities. There is a statistically significant increase in ability synergy in Anomylons than any other race in Glayax. For example, while the people of Brimstata very consistently have fire-related abilities, they occasionally have other abilities that are completely unrelated or harm their fire-related ones. The abilities of Anomylons are almost always capable of complementing one another. Moreover, Anomylons are created with some level of instinctual knowledge on their abilities, where most other people have to discover them through complex spells or by chance.

Because of the potential threats some Anomylons may pose to Glayax as a whole, the organization known as the Anomylona Vessel Administration puts a significant portion of their efforts into preventing such individuals from living. The current method used is installing three kill switches in vital areas of each Anomylon's body as they materialize, effectively giving that area's AVA overseer the ability to neutralize any Anomylon deemed too high of a threat to be released. Standard protocol involves an orientation course for the new Anomylon to complete. Failure to comply or display of abilities deemed existentially threatening results in the kill switches being forcibly activated and then ripped from the body, neutralizing the individual and killing them. This method has a 99.999985% success rate. Notable examples of Anomylons who survived the killing process are Vyster Indorium and the Crimson Crusader, whose abilities allowed them to remove the kill switches on their own and prevent the AVA from having leverage over them.

Most Anomylons who escape processing and analysis are dealt with by specialist groups like the Order of the Sun, where they are often killed. Exceptions to even this exist, such as the aforementioned Vyster Indorium joining the order that was slated to kill him. However, the vast majority of Anomylons make it through the orientation/appraisal process without incident and are able to become citizens of the realm of Glayax.

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