The Gamos Conflict was a series of battles fought between the forces from the Lactean Confederacy  with colonies loyal to it and the Gamos Independence Faction (GaIFa). This occurred in the midst of the War of the Decamillennial Transition.

The six-and-a-half-year conflict ravaged the colonies and set back the development in that sector for nearly 700 years. It also caused a back-migration of colonists from the nebulae into the inner systems closer to Earth.


The Gamos Nebulae have been populated since the late 19th millennium. By the year 19760, it was home to 800 million humans living in 40 systems total. The majority of them lived under mass-produced biodomes due to a lack of atmospheric pressure around the planets.

In 19763, motivated by an ecodisaster on Argazt, the LaC senate passed a resolution requiring colony governments to abide by Confederate rules and to allow observers to ensure proper use. This request was denied by a slight majority of the nebula which separated from the senate. However, 13 worlds including de facto capital Hrittos declined to leave. The other 27 worlds went together and formed the GaIFa in 19765.

In the next 35 years, tensions continually rose. Some assassinations, sabotage, and propaganda were thrown at each other. Eventually the GaIFa elected to militarize itself and constructed military vessels. Noticing this, the loyalist colonies also began to conscript and to weaponize some of their vessels, although they were considerably later than their counterparts.

Initial attacks

The GaIFa opened the war by invading the floating cities of Fasthled on July 14th, 19801. Despite the sudden, undeclared nature of the attack the loyalists were prepared and managed to hold the invaders long enough for a good amount of civilian and military evacuation of the planet. The last loyalist city on the planet was captured on October 23rd.

Course of the war

Both the loyalists and the Confederacy had expected an invasion at some point. However, the latter expected the attack to occur much later and hence had only a minor military presence in the area. Once news of the Fasthled attack reached the senate, it took five months of debating for them to finally send in reinforcements, another further three months for the reinforcements to gather supplies, and an extra two months of travel time.

Before this reinforcement could arrive the GaIFa launched three more attacks on loyalist colonies, hoping to gain as much territory as possible before the arrival of the Confederate fleet. Two of these attacks suceeded while the other was repelled, securing the Ojsiran and Surinaut system for the GaIFa.

On May 31st Confederate reinforcements arrived on Hrittos and was quickly distributed to defend the colony planets. Noticing this, the GaIFa began to move into the defensive, hoping to drag the war long enough for them to achieve contact with other rebel groups in the galaxy.

The first counterattack was done on January 3rd in an attempt to recapture Ojsira. The battle ended in a Pyrrhic victory for the attackers due to massive fortifications particularly on the oceanic moon Vosath'k. After the battles the Confederate navy had to strategically withdraw and allowed GaIFa to establish a fortress on Quasag B4 in the unpopulated Quasag System. There was little action done afterwards by both sides, the largest being a (successful) loyalist raid on Nova Utrecht in mid-November.

The war essentially paused between 19802 and 19803. During this period both sides fortified their planets and moons as an attempt to discourage their enemies. For the GaIFa, the failure of reaching other rebel groups meant that they had to seek a ceasefire on favorable terms.

On June 19803, the lack of progress caused the Confederate military HQ to replace their commander Huck Rigg with the more experienced Luc Hardy. The new commander immediately designed a plan involving direct starship attacks on main GaIFa colonies such as Anvega and Pllort by moving along past the enemy frontier defenses. This involved a jump into and out of the Quasag system, entirely bypassing the fort by timing the arrival so that they are in the L3 point of Quasag B4.

The two simultaneous attacks caught GaIFa by surprise since they had not expected direct attacks on the major colonies before the Confederate could take the frontier, well-fortified ones. Both planets fell by February 19805. Now having the upper hand, the Confederate continued attacks on inner worlds of the GaIFa as the entrenched forces on the frontier struggled to go back with most GaIFa starships occupied with combat. Seven further colonies were captured within 19805, prompting the GaIFa to go for the negotiating table.

Finally on the 13th of January the surrender of the GaIFa was signed. The resulting Treaty of Recidus meant the full surrender of the GaIFa, but giving the leaders and the soldiers full amnesty. All weapons and starships were confiscated by the Confederacy, effectively disarming the GaIFa. The GaIFa itself were allowed to exist, albeit not as a government-military organization, but as a political party instead.


In total, 15 out the 40 colonies in Gamos Nebula's sector was a stage for a battle. This caused massive damages to the economy of the sector. However, the most lasting effect was the split amongst the local populace which did not heal until the end of the 20th millenia. Smaller, local conflicts continued to be fought until later in the 20th millennia. The GaIFa continued to exist up until 20,000, but it had realigned itself and is no longer an enemy of the LaC, seeking to gain as much as they can from the LaC and rejoining the senate. It still politically dominates a dozen systems in the area, a major decline from its peak days.

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