The Gamos Nebulae (RN 8409-44681 in is a planetary nebulae located about 23 thousand light-years away from Sol. The space sectors surrounding it is home to over a hundred human colonies. In the 7030s the Gamos Conflict raged across the nebulae, leaving multiple planets in a ravaged state.


The name Gamos comes from Greek γάμος, meaning marriage. It was named by its discoverer Runsteck Hillock in 3429.

The Gamos Nebulae. The left-hand side area is nicknamed "Wife's zone" and the other "Husband's zone".


The first observation of the Nebulae was done from human colonies near the Yggdrasil Nebula. It was not colonized until the 5700s due to its proximity and the general corewards movement of human colonization (the nebulae is located in a different arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, in the rimwise direction.

The first explorers within the proximity of the nebulae was a band of colonists who arrived in the Wooh System on 5788. After establishing a colony in Hrittos, the moon of a gas giant, they gradually expanded towards the nebulae and colonized a good amount of planets and moons within a millenia. By 6900, these colonists were spread over 30 colonies and had multiple seats in the Confederacy Senate.

In the late-69th century some colonists colonized the planet Argazt which had native animals with intelligence levels similar to great apes. According to Confederate laws, colonization of such systems require special permission and close supervision during the colonization process. In this case, however, the colonists neglected the rule and did atmospheric engineering to lower the CO2 content in the planet's atmosphere, nearly causing mass extinctions.

Word of the incident shocked the senate. A resolution was passed to condemn the action, demanding higher presence of confederate laws within the area. In response, two-thirds of the colonies walked out from the senate and declared independence from the confederacy. The remaining 11, mostly older colonies, decided to agree to the demands and allowed the some Confederacy police presence within their areas.

Tensions between these two factions began to rise as the secessionists saw the 11 colonies as traitors and collaborators. Initially this caused polarization in local politics, particularly in Hrittos, its most important and first colony which decided to remain in the senate. This eventually led to 'unfortunate accidents', 'disagreements', and 'reforms'.

Finally in 7029 the Gamos Independence Faction (the GaIFa) formed a fleet and invaded the loyalist colonies on Fasthled. The attack sparked the Gamos Conflict involving the Main Confederate Navy. The war ended in 7036 with the surrender of the GaIFa, but not without permanently damaging the local populace.


The sectors surrounding the nebulae are a bit difficult to define with exact precision. However, inhabited world within 50 light-years of the largely-considered capital at Hrittos is home to 62 colonies and 1.4 billion people.

It should be noted that all save two of these colonies are not within the nebulae itself, being in its near side (relative to Earth).

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