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"I could only describe Gania as 'a water hell'" -Sheldon Morie



Gania, a world of wet. Located in the Lewis Galaxy, with an average 550 000 Inches of rain each year, this planet has to be the rainiest planet in the known universe. Harsh wind and rain, yet, it has been colonized and lived in for over 2000 years. The Capital city of Gania, Gania City holds a population of around 2 million. The only part of the planet to be colonized, the rest is a grassland with few trees.

Gania City

Gania City

Gania city is a large 200 Km city located near the equator of Gania, where it is warmer here. Gania city is home to a variety of species, though mostly populated by Humans. Because of harsh conditions on the surface, buildings are built to shoot up beyond the clouds of Gania, where most recreational activities take place.


The map below shows the surface area of Gania



Elshi Sea

The only ocean on Gania, it was likely that this sea was once a valley, but millions of years of rain had backed it up into an ocean.

Green Flats

The southern parts of Gania, this is where grass is found. Covering the entire southern hemisphere with bright green grass and small trees dotted around.