Genesis is the home planet of the Andrite species, an ancient yet still active group primarily focused on preserving the health of Genesis. Genesis' home star, Eternus, has gone through its life cycle, as it is currently a white dwarf. The planet itself has two irregular moons, named Demise and Perseverance. Although the planet itself orbits an unstable binary, it scores a 0.95 on the Earth Similarity Index (ESI)


The Andrite species was formed around 3 billion BC while Eternus was still a single yellow dwarf. Despite being a very old civilization, they lived a tribal lifestyle for their first billion years. This would not remain the case forever though, it would all change around 1.5 Billion BCE. Suddenly, a prominent Andrite with the name Giowan organized the first empire and things went on from it, devellopping towards several centralized states. Some governments allied with the intent of advancing as quickly as possible technologically.

The Looming Fate of Eternus

While the Andrites spent many eons neglecting to progress, the hydrogen levels in Eternus did. Fortunately, at the time (~1.25 BCE), the species was very technologically advanced and knew what to do. As the hydrogen ran out and Eternus resorted to fusing helium nuclei, the outer layers of the star expanded and greatly increased luminosity. The solution to this? Asteroid parking. In order to expand the orbit of Genesis, a large asteroid named Perseverance was parked in front of Genesis using a powerful "towboat" spacecraft. After many, many astronomical units of outwards movement, and the star approaching the end of its life, many new problems arose.

Unrest Among the Andrites

After many millions of years, the general Andrite population was scared; the prospect of Eternus becoming a mere white dwarf terrified the population. As fear turns into confusion, confusion turns to anger. Millitant groups of Andrites threatened the global government who were doomsday deniers; neglecting to do anything about the looming death of Eternus. As anger spread amongst the Andrites, a great overthrow of the Genesis Commonwealth occurred. The group that overthrew the Commonwealth is known as the Genesis Salvation Movement. Great Genesisian scientists came up with many ideas to save their world, but one reigned supreme; The Angel Project.

The Angel Project

In order to maintain a suitable environment for life on Genesis, top scientists proposed a plan to insert a brown dwarf into a tight binary orbit around the Eternus white dwarf. The white dwarf, which is much denser, would gradually pull matter from the brown dwarf forming an accretion disk. The disk greatly increased the luminosity and warmth emitted by Eternus. While Perseverance stopped being used because the orbit of Eternus would have to migrate inwards, they plucked yet another asteroid; Demise. After a vast inwards trek (in which many generations of Andrites had to live subsurface), Genesis found a stable orbit that provided the planet with warmth and light. Brown dwarves are merely temporary, so currently, the Andrites are on their second brown dwarf (Angel 2). In fact, since Angel 2 was originally a binary, the partner (Angel 3) was inserted into a binary orbit far away from Eternus. Both brown dwarves had planets; Angel 2's planets were put in orbit around Eternus, while Angel 3's planets are relatively untouched so far.

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