Gerissia (also known as Gersa) is a warm temperate terra planet located within the galactic disk of the Andromeda Galaxy located 2.5 million light years away from Earth in the constellation Andromeda.

Also known as RS1186-511-7-851761-1092 4 in beta patch 7.

Gerissia as seen from an orbital probe in 2091.


Gerissia is a warm world with an average temperature of 29 celsius. The life on the rocky planet is similar to Earth's, however, with a gravitational pull of 0.58 g, plants and animals are taller than anything else on Earth. The tallest plant, also known as Niera, stands at 500 meters tall and a 7-meter wide trunk. 

All plants photosynthesize, giving them an Earth-like green colour. They all have a mechanism to defend themselves from herbivores, either turning their leaves into stinging netals or throwing off small parasites that would kill the animal.

Aerial creatures make their nests in the trees at the canopy layer where most of the sunlight is. Some of the trees produce an electrical charge, frying or even killing anything that lands on them. Plants at the bottom of the trees, where less than 1% of all the sunlight doesn't reach, produce bioluminescent lights, creating something most civilizations call the Enchanted Forests.


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