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The Germinis Nebulae is a vast area, located in the Outer Nephros Arm of the Lewis Galaxy, famous for being the birthplace of the Lewis Nation known as the Republic of Sion.

It was in the early stages of colonization and exploration of the area a very difficult place to get to from the nearby United Alliance, although navigation has been improved in the present day. It has naturally a way better connection to the Intergalactic Federation nearby.

The Nebulae is vast and is made of several large clouds of gas and other materials, who have given rise to large deposits and rich mineral planets. This is actually its best asset, as the Germinis Nebulae is full of minerals and rich gases to extract. This was the reason for the Germinis Gold Rush, who flocked Human settlers into the area from the U.A and the Intergalactic Federation, in spite of its isolation and no matter how hard to get it was. Settlers could easily navigate within the Germinis as they have learn to coexist with this hostile environment.


During several negotiations, the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance could not agree on the terms of the latter's independence, regarding the issue of its territory. However, the Area was largely given to United Alliance in exchange for other claims. This set most of the Human settlers into the United Alliance Nation. Latter, several large U.A Human settlers came to the region settling new planets and increasing vastly its population.

However, the area remained very unpopulated and isolated. This made the locals create a new language that would later be known as Sionese. All this factors merge together to create a great sense of self-awareness and identity. Problems arose in the region later on, when the United Alliance charged minerals and local products with high taxes in order to profit the most from the area's mineral and gas wealth. This was massive outrage in the region, giving birth to the L.A.G.G.A terrorist organization.

After 2 millennia of terrorist attack, the U.A lost effective control of the Nebulae, and was finally forced to recognise its independence. Ever since, the relations between the 2 improved slowly, and both nations have very good relations nowadays, being comercial partners.