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Gish is the capital world of the Plutocracy of Gish, one of the Lewis Nations also known by the names of Lewis Plutocracy or Herschelian Plutocracy. It is located in the Yertana System, in the Termula region of the Lewis Galaxy, in thus Herschel Space.

It is an ecumenopolis or a semi-ecumenoplis of huge size that orbits a white large sun called Yertana. It has become one of the most populated and important worlds within the Lewis Galaxy and the most important by far, of all worlds within the Plutocracy. It has always been said that the key to the Plutocracy is Gish, as the one that controls it, controls the nation

Considering the early foundation of the Plutocracy and the large density of the Termula region, due to the millennia of confinement, the planet of Gish, being the capital world of the nation was decided to become a large semi-ecumenopolis in order to hold more population.


Discovery times

Exploration of the Region

The 31 000 millennia was a period in which the Termula Region was explored. Humans coming over from the Empire of Mankind arrived in the region in 31 288 CE (11 122 ALD), when two lost exploration vessels arrived unexpectingly to the Termula Region, after getting themselves lost through the void.

They somehow managed to return back into the empire and report of an existing region passed the Mikos Void, which had marked the limit of the Galaxy into the vacuum of space. Some say they had crossed there through the Umaki Scattered Systems or the jumping through the Frellen-Axula System route. But that is unknown.

The explorer Tusel Kaffar was the first official explorer to reach the region and discover it for the Lewis Nations. He followed the notes this two lost vessels had wrote to guide himself into the area. He travelled extensively throught it with its tripulation (about 2 million people) for over 20 years before getting out of it through the Strait of Nisapa back into the Empire. He was able to map hyperspace lanes within the region and several planets he had visited to refurbish himself. Once fiding the Nisapa Hyperspace lane out of the region and back into the empire, his findings made him famous and well respected. He even presented his findings to the Emperor and was granted means permisions to hold territory over the region. However, colonization efforts did not prosperate due to the far distance and geographical barrier that the Mikos void presented. However, interstellar maps now had knowledge of the area and incorporated it losely into it.

Following the steps of his predecessor, the Esselin Vakuren followed with a second exploration mission into the region. She however, centered herself into the Umaki Scattered Regions and it's said she found this way of connection between the Region and the rest of the Lewis Galaxy.

However, it wasnt until the tripulated mission of Kaleb Giorni (with around 30 million), that the Termula region wasnt vastly mapped. He travelled through the middle of the void, finding the Tersuna System (which he used to rest and continue it's journey) and explored the hinterlands of the Mikos Void, noticing the vastity of it and how long it took to travel it. He also explored most of the "close to the void" area of the Termula region.

Foundation of Gish

He found the planet Gish (It was the first world to be said to be inhabitable), among other worlds suitable for human habitation, mapped them and explored them. He built some small colonies in some worlds and left back into the empire.

The Region however was very isolated and the Nobility War mostly left the area untouched. The colonies left in those worlds either vanished or survived creating their own very different cultures but due to isolation were constraint to limited technology. The human population was almost unexistent except for very few human colonies, who had struggle but were slowly but steadily growing.

The Seat of the Government (Previously of the Noble Council, currently of the Merchant Oligarchy)

Nevertheless, at the end of the Nobility War, massive amounts of people used the map charts of those explorers to scape the empire. It is calculated that about 150-300 Billion people left the Empire and setlted in the Termula region. They landed in the human settlements (of which Gish was the largest settlement) already there and conquered them. This original settlements were engulfed by the overwhelming amount of new settlers coming from the Empire. Other habitable worlds that had not been settled also were colonized to aliviate the sheer amount of people coming over from the main worlds the Houses had settled. This worlds were later connected and soon exploration of the Region began on the big scaled (and detailed) by the new Plutocracy of Gish.

Nobilirian Era

This period is the longest in the history of the nation and the planet. It lasted for millennia ever since the nation's foundings to the Great Revoltion that began in Gish.

Merchant Era

Currently still going, this era has lasted for about a couple millennia and it ended with the destitution of the ancient Noble-driven Plutocracy. Now, the state is run as a massive corporation in a meritocratic way. And thus inequality is still very present in the form of oppresion by the companies and merchant associations, it is miles away from the total servitude of the nobility days.


The planet originally had 3 large continents known as: Sarpitan, Alorni and Mekilish.

  • Sarpitan

One of the largest continents, Sarpitan is the center of most of the industry complex of the planet. However, also large habitation districts and business sectors are located here. Currently completely united through manufacturing with Alorni and Mekilish. It is completely covered in man made structures but it used to be covered in forests.

  • Alorni

The smallest continent, it has disappeared, engulfed by the massive city built around the planet. Today most of the vacation centers of the world are located here in the small "poodles" that used to be the oceans of the planet right by the side of what used to be Alorni shores. Large entertainement sectors have been build over here. Some criminal activity also exists here and in some areas, the ugliest ones and the non-touristic ones, are inhabited by poor slums of people.

  • Mekilish

The second largest continent. It is vast and was covered in lush forests that have almost completely wiped out to make room for urban construction. The only wildlife left in this continent is in the Reserves. It is the main area of habitation for medium class citizens in the planet.


Gish is extremely wealthy, and living standars in the planet are among the highest one can imagine. Definitely not all the people in the Plutocracy are able to live in Gish, only the most priviledge are. The world, due to being the capital in a constant hungry nation for space, has been massively crowded with citizens. This has given rise to two different Gish, the one enjoyed by the wealthy, and the one enjoyed by the poor locals. Some of them live in the most and darkest corners of the massive cities. The only open spaces in Gish are dedicated to the top and very few have been consacrated as public spaces.

Fauna and Flora

Originally a center of life, most of it has either gone extinct or survives only in the wildlife reserves of the planet. Some of them were lucky enough to be important and thus exported to other planets. The ancient Plutocracy had little regard for cross biological contamination between planets.