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The Glitter Leaf tree - also known as the "Golden Tree," "King's Oak," or "Sun Oak," is a common species of tree found in the more temperate regions of the planet Haven, though they are most prevalent on the group of islands known as the "Metallic Isles" Their name, and most famous attribute comes from the universal golden hue each member of the species' leaves takes once reaching maturity. They have an estimated global population of around five hundred million individual trees and are amongst the most famous tree species to the sapient population of Haven, appearing in countless pieces of cultural art and iconography.


The Glitter Leaf tree's baseline physical appearance and structure is akin to that of the Haven Oak tree, though there are a few key differences between the two tree species. The first and most notable would be the golden-coloring all Glitter Leaf trees' leaves will universally take, with slight orange hues seen at the ends of these leaves, though the extremity of this can vary, with the effect being so minimal the leaf may appear totally gold. The second would be within the roots of the tree itself, as they all take a tube like patter, with two parallel stems growing alongside one another with a naturally carved section in-between to allow for the flowing of water to reach the center of the tree.

At the center, the roots of the tree gather to form a small, hollowed out sphere like pattern which holds a special golden liquid called "Glitter Sap," taking a similar appearance to that of water with Galotherium introduced to it. Glitter Sap itself is water mixed in with natural sugars the wood of the Glitter Leaf tree gathers throughout its life time, and it is through the sap the Glitter Leaf tree reproduces as instead of producing acorns or seeds. the Glitter Leaf tree excretes out the sap from its bark, dropping it on the ground Within the sap itself, numerous microscopic sub organisms are grown within it that will collect and grow into a separate Glitter Leaf tree once introduced to the sunlight outside of the tree's wood.