The Glitter Territories, also known as the: "Aeschylus Territories" are a late Type-2 civilization founded in the Aeschylus Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy in 59,958 CE that has existed through to the present year. They hold an area of control of around forty million star systems located throughout the central Aeschylus Arm, making them one of the largest intragalactic entities within the respective galactic region.


The Glitter Territories are one of the largest entities currently operating within the Ambrosia Galaxy, holding an area of territory spanning around forty million star systems and having a membership of around fifteen thousand different intelligent species. Originally, the Glitter Territories were aligned with the Neo-Ambrosian Republic, and therefore had a defacto alliance with the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, during their early expansion into the central Aeschylus Arm after the discovery of the "Aeschylian Gate" which connected the central Elysium Arm to that of the central Aeschylus Arm, allowing for near instantaneous travel in between the two respective galactic arms.

As the respective colony worlds of the area surrounding the gate began to grow in terms of population and economical viability, they attracted the attention of the large intergalactic entity known as the: "Commonwealth of United Economic Nations" who had been making an effort to make a foothold in the galaxy for several thousands of standard years. This interest in the area would reach its climax in 59,958 CE, as the Commonwealth offered to essentially "purchase" the respective forty thousand star systems in the immediate vicinity of the gateway the Neo-Ambrosian Republic held control over. This extremely expensive purchase turned out to pay off for the Commonwealth in the long run, as the small up-start nation now nicknamed the: "Glitter Territories" would soon encompass around forty million individual star systems by the year 73,000 CE.

Original Glitter Territory flag created on the government's founding in 53,958 CE

At their founding, the Glitter Territories originally functioned as an extension of the main Commonwealth government. But as their influence in the Aeschylus Arm began to grow, the Territories would begin to vie for independence. However much alike the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems before them, the Glitter Territories did not desire to leave the larger intergalactic organization that birthed them. Instead, they would become a state to represent the Commonwealth within the Ambrosia Galaxy. And with the aforementioned civilization's blessing, the Glitter Territories would become an independent nation in 73,000 CE.

Currently, the Glitter Territories ranks as the fifteenth largest entity within the Ambrosia Galaxy, and the third overall largest civilization within the Aeschylus Arm. This placing is mostly a result of self-stagnation as they are bottlenecked in between the two larger entities within the Aeschylus Arm. While they've attempted to expand beyond their respective borders, they have been stopped by the aforementioned groups at every turn. This, combined with a lack of assistance from larger intragalactic civilizations, has left the Glitter Territories in an indefinite state of being trammeled between two super powers.

Despite the circumstances, the Glitter Territories hold the crown in one category: They are the single largest nearly entirely socialist nation in the Ambrosia Galaxy. Officially, they are classified as a: "Parliamentarian democratic market socialist republic," and are by far the largest of their like in the galaxy, as most solely socialist nations of Ambrosia are only spread amongst a few thousand star systems. Thanks to this, many species who share similar ideologies located across galactic regions beyond the Aeschylus Arm have flocked to the Glitter Territories, as the aforementioned civilization seems to be a socialist utopia to many.

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The various cultures of the Glitter Territories respective member worlds and species are very diverse, much alike most large intragalactic civilization's within the Ambrosia Galaxy. As the Glitter Territories hold around fifteen thousand induvial member species, the cultural nuance between each induvial location within the Glitter Territories is too vast to summarize effectively. However, a shared trait amongst most, if not all of the respective worlds that make up the territories would be their shared views on socialist ideals.

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