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Gohbrin is a scorched carbonia in the Ventemir Galaxy. The planet is home to the Orcubor and is one of the only planets known to house aluminum-based lifeforms. The planet has a temperature of 2690.2 degrees Celsius. This ludicrous temperature allows large seas of liquid silicon dioxide to be present on the planet. Much like water, this molecule has a defined cycle of precipitation as well as the capacity to form storms.


These high temperatures make typical organic chemistry impossible. As such, the life on the planet evolved to use a combination of aluminum, oxygen, and silicon rather than than the usual carbon or just silicon. This form of life is designated as Aluminum-based to differentiate it from the common silicon-based lifeforms (even though they also incorporate silicon).

An interesting property of the life on this planet is that it glows blue. The thick atmosphere absorbs most of the blue light from the oceans.


Life most-likely formed in tide-pools on the beaches of the planet rather than the ocean floor. As such, "aquatic" and terrestrial life formed at about the same time. The unlimited amount of sunlight gave the organisms a lot of energy to adapt quickly to both the hot and cold sides of the planet (they formed in the twilight area closer to the hot side than the cold one).

This life quickly covered the surface of the planet. Almost all life developed locomotion since the energy was just so abundant on the planet. Since energy did not matter, all that mattered to an organism was gathering nutrients and reproducing. The scarce amount of actually useful compounds on the planet drove life to rapidly begin evolving into predatory species. There is no clear food chain, rather, a complex web of almost everything trying to consume everything else. Any species can and will attack and consume other species.

This lead to the relatively fast emergence of the Orcubor. It took them two billion years to form rather than the usual three and half billion needed for sapient life. They were one of the first sapient life-forms in the Local Group, forming one billion years before humans did.


The issue with living in such a hot environment is that delicate technologies like particle colliders, chemical propulsion, most forms of computers, most forms of electrical wiring, and even things like radio waves were so much more difficult to produce.

This didn't stop the Orcubor from advancing at literal astronomical time-scales. They began domesticating animals very quickly, developed trade very quickly, and developed a writing system very quickly. Everything else took a very long time.

Three mass extinction events took place before the Orcubor finally became a Kardeshev I civilization in 2001 CE, nullifying the threat of mass-extinction events. It is debated if the modern Orcubor are descendants of the ancient race from one billion years ago, or if they re-evolved themselves back into existence after the second (and particularly bad) mass-extinction event.

Finally, the Orcubor managed to create a mass-driver system to launch objects into space. Although no Orcubir could survive the acceleration needed to launch something, probes could instead.