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Gohsaty is a terran world in the halo of the Ouranir Galaxy, which is the current seat of the government of the Piray Empire. It is the namesake of the surrounding Gohsat Cluster, one of the most important, densely populated, core regions of the Empire which in itself controls the "Northern" portion of the galaxy.

The planet has been seat of the Azat Dynasty since their rise from the feudal rulers of a minor Gohsat colony-town, dating all the way back to before the conception of the UFSS in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. Recent developments in the Ouranir Galaxy has allowed the Piray Empire to become a major regional power, and since the Azats ascended to the Pirayic throne four hundred years ago the planet has been made capital.


The Threspians, one of the founding species of the multi-species Piray Empire, originated in a system (Threspia, unsurprisingly) 54 light-years away from the planet. Around the 116th century, Threspians began to expand towards the Gohsat cluster - one of the most prominent features in their night sky - from their homeworld. With no local spacefaring powers restricting them from expanding to the cluster, dozens of systems both in the cluster and between the cluster and Threspia were soon colonized and integrated into the growing polity.

Upon further expansion towards the denser rim, the Threspian Empire began to come into conflict with the dozens of similar races, many similar in size but some much more powerful. Period of warfare continued for 3 thousand years, as the standing feudal monarchy of the Thespian Empire cycled through time between weakening and centralizing authorities.

Gohsaty, initially settled to be a mostly agricultural planet supplying resources similar to the rest of the sector, came under contol of the Azat Dynasty around the year 12350. The planet's population was then estimated at just under a quarter of a billion - mostly engaged in resource extraction. After the near-destruction of the Thespian Empire following its loss in a war against some of its neighbors in 12375, the Azats seized the loss of central authority in order to industrialize the planet and its moon - intent on turning it into the main planet of the cluster.

Their efforts largely succeeded, with the population swelling into over a billion within as short as 35 years due to migration from other regions of the Empire damaged by war and improved economic conditions. Not long afterwards, the Threspian Empire was once more defeated in a war, and its territories annexed and integrated into the then-nascent Piray Empire in 12447.

The Piray Empire - itself a confederation of twenty-seven polities controlling a couple thousand systems in the upper Ouranir Galaxy, operating in the practical power vacuum of the galaxy due to the Confederacy of Borealis's decentralized approach - largely left command structures intact for the dynasties. However, they recognized Gohsaty's large population and named it capital in the cluster, the majority of which were assigned to the administrative division commonly translated as the Gohsat Sector grouping it with a dozen other inhabited systems in the cluster. After centuries of use, this name became synonymous with the Cluster itself, although around one-fifths of the cluster were not subject to Gohsatic authority.

This new position meant that Gohsaty was a sector capital, just under the distant Empire's Capital which moves following the controlling dynasty. Without any intentional effort to stem its growth as what happened to it under Threspia, it soon grew as the industrial hub of the entire cluster, since most industrialists and businessmen found it more efficient to use Gohsaty as an industrial and trading hub now due to its lower warp-distance from the dense stars in the cluster compared to the out-of-cluster Threspia. This huge economic advantage allowed Gohsaty to become one of the most important planets of the Empire's territories in the galactic halo, rivaling many planets in the rim with even more nearby systems but far higher competition.

Increasing importance of Gohsaty brought with it fortunes for the Azat Dynasty. While it was granted a seat in the Imperial Lower House upon its annexation into Piray, its increasing importance meant that the Azat monarchs were able to gain more seats and political power, which allowed it to expand its direct sphere of influence into the entirety of the Gohsat Sector - which was abnormally highly densely inhabited especially for a sector in the halo regions. Out of the nearly five hundred sectors of the Empire in 13500, the Gohsat sector was granted the fifth-largest representation per inhabited planet, due to its importance for Pirayic control of the halo areas.

Complex political maneuvers colored the Piray Empire once increasingly difficult administration retarded its further expansion in the galaxy, with the highly autonomous monarchs of many important systems in the Empire softly clashing with each other, threatening wars which barely happened. The Pirayic Emperor was elected by an already-elected small council of twenty-seven - traditionally fourteen monarchs and thirteen democratic leaders. The Azats decided against a direct path to the throne and generally stuck to neutrality with powerful lines, making them a non-target for political warfare as they slowly improved their administrative capabilites and by extension economic pull.

Azats first ascended into the council seat as early as in 13400, but it was not until 13845 that an Azat would be mentioned as the candidate for the Piray Dis'tdisdis (Pirayic Title for Emperor, lit. King of King of Kings). However, they were not taken as a serious contender for effectively the entire life of the empire, until the War of the Final Transition occurred.

Post-war Piray Empire was economically damaged due to their conflict with several similarly-sized polities in the Ouranir Galaxy, along with extragalactic invasions from the Small Cloud and a wargroup of the Artrian Galactic Republic. The war, however, was a blessing for Gohsaty and the halo - they were largely ignored during the war, even with their industrial outputs supporting the war effort. Hence, significant amounts of the Pirayic economic base shifted towards Gohsaty, and the Azats finally pushed their bid for the Piray Throne in the elections of 20474 - winning it with exactly the amount of votes needed - placing their monarch, Kå-Azat Savyo-Ik, as the Dis'tdisdis. His son and grandson succeeded, making the current Piray Emperor the fourth of the Azatian Emperors.

As is normal in the Empire, Azat Emperorship meant the moving of the capital to Gohsaty - bringing to it massive amounts of central government administration and economic benefits related to them. The population and general prosperity of the planet continued to improve, although with a slow pace, since the end of the war and it at one point became the seventh-most populated planet in the entire Empire, and the most populated one in its halo regions.