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"When you're a mercenary, war becomes your business. And let me tell ya, in Verpletter, business is good."

- Anonymous G.H.S. trooper

The Golden Hand Syndicate (G.H.S.), often referred to simply as “The Syndicate”, is perhaps the most infamous mercenary group in the entire Verpletter Galaxy.


The Scattered Colonists


Konrad's Unification Campaign


The Birth of the Syndicate



The Syndicate is often described by outsiders as little more than a collection of loosely-bounded scoundrels with little cohesion. However, there exists a rigid structure in the Syndicate's various ranks.

Syndicate Army

While they are a mercenary group, the Syndicate operates with a level of organization and professionalism on par with that of any nation's armed forces. This is theorized to be done in mockery of the many nations of Verpletter.

Standard Troops

  • Troopers - Troopers are the rank-and-file of the Syndicate army. It is they who are responsible for carrying out the Syndicate's ground based operations. They are described by outsiders as being extremely opportunistic, and are not above looting the fallen to complete their mission. Despite this, they are a very capable fighting force and have been deployed to almost every type of environment.
  • Rangers - Rangers are the Syndicate army's eyes and ears. They travel with light equipment in order to maximize mobility, however, this tends to leave them vulnerable when stuck in a firefight.
  • Grenadiers -
  • Tank Hunters -
  • Heavy Weapons Teams -

Specialist Troops

  • Juggernauts -
  • Drop Troopers -
  • Engineers -
  • Assassins -
  • Taxmen -

Combat Vehicles

  • Raider -
  • Freelancer -
  • Buccaneer -
  • Marauder -
  • Headhunter -
  • Ravager -
  • Despoiler -

Syndicate Astronavy

The Syndicate's overall combat doctrine primarily focuses on swift hit-and-run attacks before the enemy has a chance to react, so they don't have a lot of heavily-armored warships. However, they do make use of such ships should the need arise.


  • Clinker-class Shuttle - The Clinker-class shuttle is a small, multi-purpose ship used by the Syndicate for a wide variety of roles. Its primary function is that of a transport, carrying cargo and soldiers to various locations across Syndicate space. However, in desperate times the Clinker can be pressed into combat roles, such as boarding craft or as fighters should no other ships be available. Due to the Clinker's rectangular shape and hardiness when compared to most other ships of its class, it has earned itself the nickname of "The Flying Brick".


  • Drachma-class Fighter - The Drachma is the primary starfighter used by the Syndicate. It
  • Grzywna-class Strike Fighter - The Grzywna is a
  • Prutah-class Heavy Bomber - When the Syndicate first fought against the Kriegsleute's astronavy, they found that their Grzywna fighters lacked powerful enough armaments to punch through the thick armor of their foe's ships. They had the warheads to do it, they just couldn't figure out how to fit them on the Grzywna. To fix this issue, they created the Prutah, a heavily-armed bomber capable of fitting nearly any type of ordinance. It also comes equipped with a rear-mounted A.I. assisted flak cannon for shooting down any pursuers.
  • Sigloi-class Astro Superiority Interceptor - The Sigloi-class was designed to be the ultimate space-superiority fighter, and it very well may be. Faster and more maneuverable than nearly any other starfighter, the Sigloi is able to chase down and destroy any target in pleases. However, the Sigloi is extremely difficult to fly, and is only flown by the most elite Syndicate pilots. It also has a smaller fuel tank than most other ships its size, meaning that it can't be sent out on long missions.


  • Florin-class Corvette - Often referred to as "The Flying Bug Zapper", the Florin-class corvette is the Syndicate's premier anti-starfighter warship. It earned its name due to its signature arc-pulse cannons, which fire out beams of electrical energy that overload and fry anything caught within their targeting radius. Their high accuracy and rate of fire has made them the bane of fighter squadrons across Verpletter, who have come to both equally loathe and fear the Florin-class.
  • Thaler-class Corvette - The Thaler-class is designed to infiltrate enemy fleets and wreak havoc with its EMP weaponry. To achieve this, it makes use of an advanced cloaking device powered by a substance called "pallidite", which creates a light-bending field around the ship that renders it invisible to both sensor arrays as well as the naked eye. Once cloaked, the Thaler then flies into an enemy battlegroup, waits for the right moment to strike, and then decloaks, unleashing a swarm of EMP torpedoes before swiftly escaping.


  • Cruzeiro-class Frigate - The Cruzeiro-class frigate is the primary workhorse of the Syndicate fleet, being the most common warship seen within their ranks. This is thanks to the ship's highly modular frame, which allows the Cruzeiro to be adapted to suit a number of roles. Fast attack, close-range brawling, flanking maneuvers, if there's a job to do, there's a Cruzeiro for it. This level of modification is so high that no two Cruzeiros are exactly alike, which helps when the enemy tries to adapt to the Syndicate's battle tactics.
  • Lira-class Frigate - The Lira-class frigate is the Syndicate's answer to long-range heavy fire support. The Lira is able to engage multiple types of enemies with great efficiency thanks to its armament of missles, ranging from swarm rockets for dealing with fighter craft to heavy warheads for punching holes in larger ships. In desperate times, the Syndicate is known to turn the Lira into what is essentially a frigate-sized grenade. After packing a Lira full of as many explosives as possible, it is then flown into an enemy fleet and detonated via remote. The Lira then explodes, destroying itself as well as anything unlucky enough to be caught in the blast radius.
  • Guilder-class Frigate - The Guilder-class is used by the Syndicate to perform quick repairs to damaged ships during the heat of battle. Onboard the Guilder is a large hangar bay filled with repair drones that can be launched out at high speeds. Once launched, the drones will then locate a friendly ship, latch onto it with its magnetic clamps, and then repair any damaged systems that the ship might have. However, this does not mean that the Guilder is strictly a passive ship. The drones can also be launched at enemy ships as well, using their multitude of tools and massive database on mechanical knowledge to tear enemy combatants apart.


  • Stater-class Destroyer - The Stater-class is essentially a gigantic sniper rifle in the form of a warship. Running along the superstructure of the ship is an enormous railgun, which fires projectiles at speeds almost impossible to track. The power of these weapons comes not from any propellant, but by the sheer kinetic force of the round, which is enough to punch clean through the armor of practically any ship. If the enemy ship happens to come with shields, the shot will cause them to overload, leaving them drained and vulnerable. However, such power comes at a price. The Stater needs time to charge up its railgun, and after it fires, it needs more time to cool off before the next shot.


  • Ducat-class Cruiser - The Ducat-class cruiser is the Syndicate's primary command ship, often being used as the flagship of a fleet. It is a well-balanced ship with good mobility, armor, and firepower. It is also among the oldest ships ever to be used by the Syndicate, with some vessels predating the Syndicate's formal establishment.
  • Daric-class Battlecruiser -


  • Vault-class Carrier - The Vault-class carrier, also called


  • Sovereign-class Battleship - The largest Syndicate warship ever built, the Sovereign-class battleship is a force to be reckoned with. Heavily armored and armed to the teeth, the Sovereign

Notable Members