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Golr're is a habitable world orbiting a yellow giant star at the tip of the Remone Arm of the Tarmalyula Galaxy. It is the capital of the Commonwealth of Golr're, and is the second world in its system. It is the homeworld of the Iyulo species, one of the most prominent and deverse species in the galaxy.


Formation anmd Pre-history

Early Golr're

Golr're formed along with the rest of the planets in its system around 7.8 billion years ago, when its star was still a normal, albiet high-mass G star. It was too far out from its star to host life and liquid water. Its surface was frozen over at this stage in its life.

Golr're with an atmosphere

However, as its sun grew more hot and warm, colatiles on its surface outgassed, creating a rudimentary atmosphere for the planet. Clouds formed in the new atmosphere, and dest storms were very common. The temperature was slightly below freezing, but it did not stay that way.

A cold and watery Golr're, before life.

The sun was not stable. It grew hotter, and more luminous. This triggered a 'great thaw' type event, where all water on the surface melted and flooded the planet, bringing oceans to the barren surface of the world. The temperature remained stable for a couple of million years, around 3 degrees C, and the first Golr'ren life emerged. It was only unicellular, and it could not stand temperatures above 10 degrees C. Which is why, when the tempertures reach 11 degrees C, they all died out. But some of them mutated, and withstood the harsh heat that the sun was bringing (temperatures of around 14 degrees C) and evolved.

Golr're as it is today

Finally, the sun grew stable in a rare yellow giant phase, and the surface temperature of the planet remained around 19 degrees C. The microbes then had the time and energy to splt and evolve, and multicellular creatures evolved. They fundamentally changed the atmosphere of the planet, changing it to be Oxygen and Nitrogen orientated, further melting more ice. They covered the entire planet, and the Golr're you see today was born.