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"We are the ones in charge of taking care of the unprotected: the weak, the wounded, the sick, the dependant... We are the ones that worry about the poor and the day to day life and wellbeing of our fellow citizens, from the very wealthy to the very poor. But not only is mental and physical health our concern... so is community wellbeing as a whole. For that we make parks and public enjoyable spaces. For that we research the fauna and flora of our universe. Sometimes for pure knowledge or beauty, others to find a cure or a way to improve medical care for those that need it." - Yuna Svetlen

Leader, Selina Reunder, high-ranked member of the Green Branch of the Sisterhood

The Green Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Green Branch are located in the Planet Tahon. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Healers" or "the Gardeners".

This branch is focused on healing. Medicine is their field and act mostly in hospitals, clinics, centers of emotional healing and psycological well being. They serve the people when in need and do use their powers of empathy to deal with the problems the population faces. They dedicate themselves to pursue a life of researching, studying and investigating on their field of expertise.

For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, they almost always follow the Path of Senses, but quite often they also follow the Path of Wisdom. More rarely some members may have followed the Path of the Seer. All this Paths fits perfectly with the policy of the Greens.

They are dedicated to Medicine and Pharmacology and while some of its members act in the front line of battling desceases of mind and body, others act in the rear line as investigators of vaccines, and other clinical investigations. They are often found in laboratories or in medical stations. They have become experts of the Human body and even some Xeno-bodies. They work closely with the Yellow Branch teaming up specially with those in the Biology field of studies.

Another side of this branch focus itself in Botanical and Herbalist knowledge. They are very verse in the study of herbs and Alien flora and Fauna and Biology of any sort. This knowledge is used in the service of Pharmacology and healing. Some use their botanical knowledge for other purposes such as decorating public gardens (as beauty and nice public spaces are also a form of social healing and peace of mind). They are known as the better Gardeners in the Union and often hired for this.


As it name indicates they almost always wear green clothing, usually in darker tonnes but sometimes also in light ones. This tonne differenciates those following Medical and Pharmaceutical fields from those focusing on botanical, herbalist and biology fields of study. When at work they usually only wear strips of Green attached to their wrists in order to indicate their status as a Sisterhood member and as a member of the Greens.

Functions and Powers

As mentioned, the power of the Greens is mostly soft power. People in general trust them deeply and considers them good and kind people who dedicate themselves to the well being of others. They are in charge of healing and helping those in need and are known to be extremely sensitive to other's people issues. This had made them popular. Most of this popular support goes hand in hand to the abilities of the Greens to cure pandemics or even if they wanted to, create one.

The Greens work mostly in medical fields, so its common seeing them as doctors, nurses, researchers, etc... working in clinics and hospitals all over the Union. Many hospitals in the nation are actually founded and directed by them. On the other hand, many work for Pharmaceutical companies or work together with such companies to devellop cures to certain diseases. Most focus on investigation and research, while other work on the front line providing cures for others.

Another field popular among the Greens is mental health, as many use their powers in the path of the senses to provide proper healing of the mind such as Psycologist or Psyciatrists. Its also common to see the greens in charity, giving their time to the least favoured by society.

FInally but not less important, is the work the Greens do all over the nation as botanical and herbologist of great knowledge and prestige. In an endless cosmos of infinite xenolife being discovered, the natural fields of botanical knowledge do not ceased to increase. So many are needed in the frontier line, while others are used in the already known worlds to perfectionated the knowledge of the local fauna and flora and their properties in either agriculture, pharmacy and medicine or other fields. This has made the Botanical experts pretty much known to travel the most and deal the least with people. Usually those who follow this field of study have followed the Path of Wisdom instead of the most associated path of the senses, traditionally associated with them.

Due to their knowledge of herbology and botanical sciences, they have been seen often decorating public spaces with plants and other living things that may bring peace of mind to the inhabitants of set location. They are famous to be one of the most precious gardeners in the Lewis Nations and some have been hired oversees to decorate public spaces. This ironically mixes both of their fields of study, as public great spaces bring peace of mind and body to the locals, uniting Medical, Psycological and Botanical fields in one.

Psycokinetic Powers

The Powers of the mind do bring usually peace to those who are targeted by them. The Greens usually use their powers to pursue the well being of others. The healing is a long process and their powers may allow the Greens to help those in need with them. Rarely they may use them to protect themselves or to create a certain reaction from someone, like an alcoholic or a schizofrenic person without threatment.

They may use such powers while in hostile enviromment, usually while for example carrying out investigations in foreign worlds. This usually is more common to see on the Botanical/Herbalist members who often travelled to recently discovered worlds to investigate it's flora and fauna.

Notable people from the Green Branch

  • Selina Reunder
  • Yuna Svetlen
  • Diana Ashonai