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"We are the ruling body of the Sisterhood of Kryso. If the order was a human body, we will be it's head and its skeleton, we are the ones that keep the Order united and focused on it's goal. We the Administration and Bureaucracy are very much needed to assure national unity and prevent excessive deviation. We control the minds and the education of the order. We plant the future seeds of the Garden that our order is. Without us, the sisterhood would be headless and childless. It is our duty to prepare new members to make the best out of them, to make them achieve their full potential." - Gorgon Kelevak

The Grey Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Grey Branch are located in the Planet of Isso (also the Capital of the Union). In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Leaders", "the Administrators" or "the Teachers".

They are supervisors of the sisterhood and usually the leadership is given to them (although power lies within the Sisterhood council, being the Leader of it just a mere judge figure within it). Most of the time they teach the following generation of branches alongside their sisters acting as the de facto mentors before going into a path and follow one of the Branches. So all recruits are educated by them and then according to their potential that they see in them, sent to one of the branches, the one that suits them the best. They serve as well as advisors to many of the Elites of the Union, sometimes even to foreign members, like those in the Empire or the Federation. They use their powers to see beyond the naked eye and provide information to those who they serve.

The mayor branch is the one that often employs them as Administrators. They assure the communication and cohesion of the Union all over it's territory and contribute to prevent sessetion and extensive cultural deviation. They are accountants and employed on the administrative body by the Union.

They can be found to be Leaders, teachers and most notably workers in the Administration of the Union, as employees and supervisers of the nation. For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, the Path of Awakening that they do is the Path of the Seer, and sometimes ath of Wisdom or Path of the Senses, as it fits perfectly with the policy of the Greys


The Grey, as their color indicates, do follow the code of color of wearing grey large robes. It is a way to indicate that their allegiance is to all the sisters regardless of the color of their branch. Whenever they cant wear their large robes they wear strips of grey laces attached to their wrists and hanging in elegant ways to indicate their appartenance to the Sisterhood order and the Grey Branch.

Functions and Powers

They have extreme power as they can control the younger minds of the order, the new recruits but are infiltrated all over the administration of the Union and work as Leaders on many fields. They are in charge of the order as their natural chiefs, alonside the council of the order as well, and can be pivotal in leading the entire order (which is very powerful) in a different direction.

  • Leaders

Very few in number, they are key members of the Sisterhood in many areas of the Order but also outside of it. They have prominence in the Government, in the Business field, in the Diplomacy and in many bodies within the Union. It's the most powerful women-only organization across the Lewis Nations and this had been carefully achieved by putting key personel in key areas of society. The Leaders are in charge of running the order or the task. Most notably the administration of the nation and control it secession movements or cultural excessive deviation.

  • Teachers

Many of the Grey work as teachers of the new recruits of the Sisterhood. They educate them and teach them in many fields of knowledge. Then they are carefully selected to follow a Path of Awakening by them. Once they complete it, the Greys and teachers of the Sisters do sort them out to the appropiate Branch for them to continued training and becoming full members of the Sisterhood. Their work is essential for the organization.

  • Administrators

They constitute the bureaucracy of the Sisterhood and somehow of the Union as well. They work as micromanaging the nation. They tend to reunite cultural practices to stop excesive deviation, seccesive movements, pursuit peace and stability, proper tax recollection, etc... It is the lower etchelon of the Sisterhood and it's were most begin. Then they scalate positions through own merits to the point of becoming teachers and after, if they continue to gain merits as teachers they finally can become Leaders of the Sisterhood. For that, members without extreme ambition are disregarded as it may corrupt their ascention to the top. Mild characters are preferred with leadership skills. Inspiration people able to convey that to the others; they have to be people of trust.

Psycokinetic abilities

They make use of them specially for easy tasks such as improve the learning of their students, know what they think or feel in order to sort them better to their appropiate Path and Branch later on in life. Someone with passion for History would better suit archeology in the Orange Branch than Botanical care of the Greens. All that is done thanks to their powers. In the case of the Leaders they may use the powers to assert their authority, to convey a message to the order as a whole or even the nation.

Notable People of the Grey Branch

  • Fiona Puldrich
  • Gorgon Kelevak
  • Tara Miosu
  • Delena Valarein