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The Guild of External Power is a guild that takes well amount of safety monitoring over the Imports and Exports of galaxies, the Guild is not located in any galaxy in particular, but on a rouge star 110 Thousand light-years from Aylothn. The Guild is a religous form, believing in ancient human religions as old as 70 000 BCE. The Guild is best known for their construction of Osseters, large pillars that provide extragalactic travel for smaller vessels.


The banner of the guild represents a form of symbolism. The first being the three icons, representing the three knowledgeable founders of the guild. The symbols form a torch, meaning the light that guides others to refuge. The Blue Backround represents the color of the sky of Terran planets, showing symbolism for the "Worlds that man shalt touch."


Pre Guild (1,230 CE)

The Guild first formed as a Sedruan group known as the Apatis Children in 1,230 CE, on a long destroyed planet. Only three members hold membership but the members gradually increased to 300 in just the following year. Each year the Clan was seeing more than 200 joining.

Sedrua (1,501 CE)

The Apatis Children grew extremely large in the past 300 years, the group, now started their true journey to leave their sedruan roots. The group had confronted Sedrua as their religon was springing up from the shadows, Sedrua did not approve of the behavior of the Apatis and banished them from their borders.

The Children, having obtained battleships, believed that it was righteous to attack Sedrua, as they were threataning their religion. They had started a religous war known as the Quellian War.

The Quellian War (1,505-1,604)

Battle Above a sedruan Planet

The quellian war had seen different types of warfare. Lasting just one year short of a thousand years. The quellian war was started by an Apatis prohpet known as "Thyuin Us-Bahad" after claiming that Sedrua was opposing against them and their beliefs. Outraged deciples decended on the Sedruan planet Zushilo. This is the batle that started the thousadn year war.