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Gunships are a type of shuttle designed for combat purposes, being deployed alongside ground forces in order to provide a form of mobile heavy fire support. They are often equipped with a variety of weapons in order to deal with multiple types of targets. Although gunships are designed to operate within a planet's atmosphere, they can still fly in space.


Gunships are a powerful force on the battlefield, their heavy weaponry making short work of most opponents they come across. Due to their destructive capabilities, they almost always end up being high-priority targets.

Gunships also see service with many law enforcement agencies across the universe. However, these gunships often come with limited armaments in order to limit any possible collateral damage. Despite this, they are more than capable of dealing with most criminals they encounter.

Criminal groups also make great use of gunships, which are often stolen from military bases. These gunships are often fitted out with all sorts of illegal modifications in order to keep them one step ahead of the law.

Notable Examples