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"When we heard about the coming earthquake, we had no idea where to go next. This place saved us, we would all give our lives to defend it."

- Shalax Ironhand

The Gyldinhal is the primary headquarters of the Golden Hand Syndicate. It is a large, heavily-armed space station orbiting high above the barren planet of Vesroth.


Wartime Service


The Station's New Occupants


A Hive of Scum and Villainy


Notable Features


Large warships like frigates and cruisers are too big to fit in the hangar bays, and as such must attach themselves to the drydock. This massive facility is capable of housing several warships at once, servicing them with repair drones and cleaning crews, as well as outfitting them with munitions and supplies so they may take to the stars again in search of glory and plunder.


Originally, the Syndicate only had scavenged and cobbled together weapons from what they could get on Vesroth. Now they have amassed a collection of armaments large enough to make any warlord blush. When not in use, weapons are stored in the armory, which contains enough arms to bury a planet in ordinance.

Weapons Emplacements

Being built as a military station, the Gyldinhal was outfitted with formidable weapons emplacements in order to drive off any attackers. When the Syndicate took over, they knew that the old guns wouldn't be enough to repel an invasion, so they retrofitted the Gyldinhal with improved gun batteries.

Generator Room

When the Gyldinhal was first built, it was powered by an enormous plasma reactor. The Syndicate used this same reactor for a time when they came to occupy the station, but it began to wear out. After searching Verpletter for a solution, they came to learn of an experimental antimatter reactor being built in a secret lab. One successful raid later, and the Gyldinhal now has a near-infinite source of energy.

Growth Bays

The growth bays were not originally a part of the Gyldinhal when the station was first built. They were originally a part of the Voyager, the exploration ship that crash landed on Vesroth and were moved onto the station. They allow for food production in order to keep the Syndicate well-fed.

Hangar Bays

In addition to its expansive drydock, the Gyldinhal also comes with multiple hangar bays for smaller craft like shuttles and starfighters. The hangars also house the station's compliment of mining drones, which scour Vesroth's asteroid rings for valuable minerals to harvest.

Orbital Sentry Guns

The batteries on the Gyldinhal are not the only defenses it has to rely on. Multiple armed satellites orbit around the station, waiting for any foe dumb enough to trigger the alarm and spring into action. Their modular hardpoints allow for their weapons to be swapped out and replaced should the need arise.


Any minerals collected by the Gyldinhal's mining drones are sent to the station's foundry, where they are melted down and separated into their base metals. The metals are then refined into more useful forms such as weaponry, ammunition, or armor plating for warships.

Trophy Room

Located deep within the Gyldinhal is the trophy room, where the Syndicate's greatest conquests are displayed. All manner of objects can be found here, from the skulls of gargantuan alien beasts to the captured treasures of several rival factions.

Command Deck

Situated at the top of the Gyldinhal, the command deck acts as the "brain" for the entire station. It is from here that Konrad and the Syndicate's higher-ups plot and scheme about where the Syndicate will strike next. It also houses the central command console, which controls the functions of the entire station.

Internal Defenses

In the off chance that an intruder manages to make it into the Gyldinhal, the station has a number of defensive systems to rely on. Toxic gas, laser grids, and hidden flame jets are just some of the ways to dispose of unwanted visitors.