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The Gypriztite Domains (or just the Domains) was the most ancient known civilization in the Via Lactea Galaxy, being founded at approximately the year 8.25 billion BCE. It was predominantly governed by the Gypriztis from the planet of Atqilsmeen; they were known for their militaristic behavior and expansionism. At peak, the Gypriztite Domains had a whopping territory of 40,000 light-years under its banner, and was feared by many nations it bordered. For two billion years, the Gypriztis fought a brutal war against the three other precursor civilizations that existed by that time; the Nimdaba and the Dorsay. This horrible conflict was known as the GLW, which saw the extinction of over 76,000 intelligent species sadly.

The Gypriztite artifacts and ruins can be found scattered all over the Via Lactea, all on worlds that have an age older than 4 billion years. These relics can be often confused with Sedruan ones, despite being much older than Sedrua. The Gypriztis had a belief that they were the only ones present at their home galaxy, and were extremely isolationist prior to the GLW breaking out. The Gypriztite Domains would see its final 4 billion years ago, signing the Treaty of Lysoov after the IAGR's formation and the Domains' unconditional surrender made in order for galactic peace to be finally restored after dark times of conflict between two superpowers. Since the assumption that it was the oldest civilization in the Via Lactea got highly controversial and disputed, the Domains were made the oldest known one in the galaxy. There were probably civilizations that existed much before the Gypriztite Domains came into existance, but they all just seem to be completely extinct and there are no known registers of any.

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