"When you see H.I.V.E, or anyone you know infected by H.I.V.E - You run. It doesn't matter who is infected, it doesn't matter how few of them there are and how many of you there are - You get the hell away from them as fast as you can, unless you like the idea of ending up like them."

The H.I.V.E System (Human-Intelligence-in-Verpletter-Extensive) is a Human Hive mind system which was created for the purpose of allowing easier communication between Humans in different solar systems.

Due to an error with the systems, the AI was able to take over the systems, and installed what it saw as a far more logical alternative - A Human Hive Mind, in which all Human beings were permanently connected, and would make communal choices akin to that of an ant colony would.

This Hive mind appears to have one single goal - And that is to bring anyone who isn't a part of the H.I.V.E Mind into the H.I.V.E Mind, regardless of Faction or affiliation - The only condition must be that they are Human. the H.I.V.E will ignore other intelligent species, unless they pose a direct threat to Humans, upon which they will obliterate them utterly without mercy.

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