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The Haagu republic is a state within the Nuurian Federation. It is located in the Kevenam Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. This state was created on a territory that was wildly settled by Nuurians of the Traditionalist factions. This settlement of the area was done in a very similar way to the one happening in the Akinur Democracy.

Formed out of the newly settled territories, the Republic is a diverse state with most of the mayor cultures and religions of the Nuurians present. There is also large amounts of foreigners in it as well. This conditions are due thanks to the colonization efforts coming from all states in the federation.

The land was settled on the outskirts of the already formed Nuurian federation and it was after much debate that all colonized territories, which were independent, but loyal to the Nuurian Federation were considered to be joined up in one state and incorporated formally to the Federation.

The story of the Haagu Republic began with the formation of some colonies from torn apart conflicts between the states in the process of unification towards the Nuurian Federation. On the other hand, many more floacked to the Haagu territory with the Lorship of Nuur and Nuurian Federation conflicts.


Notable Worlds

  • Kersuuk

The largest planet in the Haagu Republic and the capital of this state. It is the center of the Republics parlament and it is known for its wildlife and increadible fauna. It is as well a touristic attraction and a resource and comercial hub within the Haagu Republic. Most of the administration of this vast area within the Nuurian Federation is done through here due to its key location.

  • Rukir

One of the most important worlds within the Haagu Republic. It is located at the crossroad of several key travel routes and is one of the main suppliers of food and materials to the colonies all across the Haagu worlds. It is famous for trading rare material supplies to the inner core and it's famous beverage, the Yunkulki which is highly appreciated within the Nuurians of the Federation, mostly in the Outer Colonies of the Haagu Republic and the Akinur Democracy. Most of it's population happens to follow Iklanism.

  • Makanku

Bordering the Lorship of Nuur, this world is a fortress against possible attacks which has made it a stronghold of arm production and manufacturing of ships and others.

  • Lorkuur

One of the seats of trade with foreign powers, mostly humans. An outpost that grew significantly during the last millenia thanks to the increasing commerce.