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The Hadians are a bipedal species hailing from the planet Garrius-Hade in the Ammeria region of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. They are the founders and primary species of the United Planets of Garrius-Hade, which asserts itself as the leading and dominant power in Ammerian region.


Standing at two metres tall as a fully grown adult, they have an arm length of 28 inches; three inches longer than the average Human length. Their hands have a tight grip on anything they hold. They can crush a small rock with their own force without any assistance. Through their early evolution, it allowed them, as hunter-gatherers, to catch prey with little struggle. Their feet are similar; the Hadian's ability to clutch on to rock-side cliff faces was due to the immense force that the feet can produce.

The differences between the Human humanoid and Hadians begin to appear on the head. Their ears are giant and flap with the wind, similar to Elephants. They are, however, extremely vulnerable to sudden gusts of wind, which even the weakest gust could damage the nerves. To their benefit, the size of the ears allows them to hear incredibly quiet noises from a mile away. In mating rituals, Hadians typically danced and flapped their ears in particular patterns to attract their mate. They also engage in a sport-like ritual where two Hadians, usually competing for territory, resources or mates, fight to tear off each other's ears off. In the case the ear is severely injured, or ripped from the head entirely, bacteria in their blood veins work to grow a new ear.


Their native tongue is Uxxi, as translated to the human language. It is a gender neutral language that is spoken by 98.5% of the current Hadian population in the Nitza Cluster. Most of its older languages died out many millennia ago. When the United Planets was first established, Uxxi was signed into law as the predominant language. Although, some distant settlements developed a newer form of Uxxi; one that involved gendered pronouns. It is often known as New Uxxi, or Uxxi Pax.

The Hadians were originally war-like in nature, due to their instinctual lust for power and force. As the millennia passed, more global events took place on Garrius-Hade that proved to them the unnecessary sacrifice of millions of innocent lives. Pandemics and wars for resources killed off nearly 60% of the global population until the time of the United Planets' rule. In the founding of the United Planets', scientists from all regions of the planet emphasised the need to further develop medicine and enter a new age in their species' evolution; the forging of artificial organs with the organic body itself. (thus beginning the era of half-cyborg Hadians.)

Politically, Hadians favour strong state influence in the economy, while maintaining a somewhat moderate approach to social issues. The two main parties are the Conservation Party and People's Party; the Conservationists leaning further on preserving the natural Universe and the People's Party leaning toward exceptionalism and unregulated colonisation.

Diplomatic Relations

Hadians, due to their destructive nature in the early years of their civilisation, weren't so keen to forge alliances with other nations, or even meet the leaders of nations they despised. They resolved issues through military force and subjugated their opponents to martial law until they surrendered. Upon the creation of the United Planets' in 20,640 CE, they committed to a peaceful resolution of affairs. Proving effective on Garrius-Hade for the first one hundred years, they decided to branch out into the galaxy and set up colonies on other worlds to expand their influence. They encountered dozens of neighbouring alien civilisations, enforcing their new peace-making policies to make contact with them.

The millennia passed, and by the decade of the 22,010s CE, the Hadians and a dozen other civilisations entered negotiations to form a peace-keeping organisation. In 22,015 CE, diplomats ended the negotiations and the leaders of each civilisation, including the United Planets', met on a terraformed world where they signed the Declaration of Galactic Peace into law. Famously, they gathered for a group photo that became historically iconic.

As the leading nation of the Ammerian Galactic Security Council, the Hadians currently dominate the economic and military power across the entire galaxy and through much of the Nitza Cluster. With this grand power on display though, the Confederacy of Borealis regained interest on the Nitza Cluster. Determined to understand the power play in the galaxy cluster, they sent Human diplomats to Garrius-Hade and formally established diplomatic ties with them. However, the Hadians were already aware of the CoB's presence when news reached Nitza about the chaos ensuing from the Yohjan Confederacy's final split.