The Haggard are a early type two species of bipedal mammalian organisms native to Reges Mere, third major moon of Mabruk in the Realm of Resonance of the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 601,456,020 BCE to the present year.

They were created through the process of cloning the last living Holden in the Ambrosia galaxy, a one; King Macer.


The Haggard, while not being the first of their like, are very famous among the Ambrosia Galaxy's modern day populace, as they stand as one of the few living species of the late type three civilization, the Etymology, surviving the faithful Red Galaxy Event that exterminated so many others. Though the Haggard themselves did not exist during the time of the Etymology, they would be created through the use of cloning by the last surviving member of the Holden species, who themselves held a great amount of influence over the once galaxy dominating Etymology.

Serving as the legacy of the aforementioned species, they would go on to herald information of the Etymology's destruction to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems after they discovered their home world of Reges Mere in 10,665 CE, informing the fairly young civilization of both the Red Galaxy Event which would bring about the end of the Etymology, and its aggressor, the C.Y.R.E.X. who has remained within the Unity's Domain ever since the year 604,000,000 BCE.

The Haggard came into existence in the year 601,456,020 BCE thanks to the efforts of the last surviving Holden in existence, as well as the late species final leader, King Macer, who would place himself in cryogenic status in order to escape from the grief of losing all he had sworn to protect. But as the respective cryotube he place himself within aged, the effects would cease to be felt by him, and he would reawaken several millions of standard years later. Consumed by regret, King Macer would make use of his knowledge in cloning technologies, and he would begin to clone himself enmasse, creating the species that would later be known as the "Haggard."

They would later on join the Ambrosia Alliance after their presence was made known to them, and they would stand as the oldest respective species of intragalactic civilization for several decades, until' the discovery of small pockets of Hyacinthi were made, another Etymology-remnant species. Thanks to their age, as well as their inherent nature of being cloned from a singular individual, along with their strange, esoteric social and belief structure, the Haggard are a fairly famous species among the Ambrosia Alliance populace,


Due to being cloned from a singular individual, the Haggard all share many common traits among themselves. The first and foremost would be their shred gender, as all Haggard are male regardless of when they were spawned. While this could be changed thanks to the great technologies bestowed to them by the Ambrosia Alliance, the Haggard people have chose not to do this due to how long Haggard culture and society has been influenced by this common trait.

Along with gender, the Haggard's baseline physical structure is almost an exact duplicate of their creator, sharing all of the traits of the former Holden species in which King Macer was apart of. As a result, the Haggard are a bipedal species of humanoid mammalian organisms, that have two arms at the sides of their torsos, and two upright legs.

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