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The Haiva Nebula (also called Haiva Region) is an area in the Okaia Quadrant of the Lewis Galaxy, located in Herschel Space under the rule of the Lewis Nation known as The Empire of Mankind. This Nebula is a concentration of systems that are easily defendable. Most of it was colonized between 35 000 CE and 65 000 CE by the Empire of Mankind. Most arose as refugees from the internal conflicts of the Relative's Wars that affected the outer colonies and the inner core.

Ever since the 45 000 CE, the Haiva Nebula has become a beacon of progress and scientific research for the Empire. That is thanks to House Prim, one of the most scientific driven families among the Aristocratic Families of the Empire who have hold possesion of the Nebula on it's entirity since the 40 000 CE. It has become their main stronghold among their territories, and their home based is currently Arkanon although the birth place of the house.


The Nebula was explored in 33 100 CE (12 934 ALD) all the way to 38 400 CE (18 234 ALD). However, the first man-mission was sent in 36 610 CE (16 444 ALD) to the planet Zendru and other nearby worlds. The exploration mission was led by Haiva Nisser, who gave it's name to the Nebula. The first colony however was founded in 37 011 CE (16 845 ALD) in Zendru and quickly more followed as the refugees from ongoing wars within the empire kept happening.

By the year 60 000 CE, the importance of the Haiva Nebula had grown exponentially and it had become the center, or one of the most important centers of scientific research within Imperial territory in the Lewis Galaxy. Some encounters with alien civilization occured, such as the Taxians, which signed a "coexistence" with the Empire allowing them control over 110 systems within the Empire, becoming fierce allies of the Empire (even though they were not allowed to emigrate nor expand over Imperial territory).

Geographic Locations

It's the most inhabited world within the Haiva Nebula. It has a total population of 55 Billion and has contributed significatly settling the rest of the Nebula. In fact most worlds within the nebula trace their origins to Arkanonian settlers. As the center of House Prim, it has become a center of administration for the entire nebula.

  • Zendru

Located in the frontier of the Nebula, it is located at the entrance and exit routes that lead to the core worlds of the empire. It was naturally settled as it was the next set frontier line of colonization of the empire as it advanced deeper and deeper into the outer colonies. For this reason, it is the oldest inhabited world by the Empire in the entire Nebula as well as very dear to House Prim. In fact, the Guild of Engineers of House Prim has been moved over the planet. Commerce is also one of the main activities of this planet due to it's location. Currently its population is quite average and although it's importance has decline as the center of the inhabited worlds within Haiva (who's position has swifted towards Arkanon), it is still one of the most historical, important and respected worlds within the nebula.