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The Hakodia System is located in Kevenam, in Herschel Space. It is located inside Herschel Space. It belongs entirely to the Empire of Mankind. It was explored as early as 41200 CE and was settled nearly after. The colonization of this system started a full scale colonization of the Empire over half of the Galaxy, extending through the Alba Quadrant, Isabela Quadrant and the Pandora Quadrant.

Its the most important system of the Empire of Mankind in the Elcano Galaxy, due to being the oldest, most populous, important and more significant of all in the Galaxy. Most importantly, it holds the capital of the entire Imperial territory in Elcano, being the administrative capital of the Empire in the region.

The System is made of an orange main sequence star known as Hakodia, 10 planets (none of which are gas giants). It has also 15 moons and 62 satellites (77 in total).


They are 10 and are known as Sailin, Vinuin, Kevenem, Seisha, Konak, Mepalor, Sobek, Taigran, Gundrun and Bikain. Sobek, is the only one containing high amounts of advanced life. However, another planet was found to have had some life, but most probably was wipe out of it by the Vemex and Jeket Wars in the Galaxy. Some say the planet had even been terraformed. Other noticeable feature is the high amount of moons. Most of which are mining centers.

Sobek system.jpg
  1. Sailin: Holds the main reseach center, and is a thriving port since the Wormhole connecting the System and the Galaxy with the rest of the Empire is what makes this world economically stable. It has a shipbuilding and repairing industry, manufacturing, tourism and services activities ready for the new arrivals. As much as 21 Billion people live here.
  2. Vinuin: The main activities here spin around Chemicals and other related products. Sometimes also large Mining activities are produced. It has a total population of 25 Billion
  3. Kevenem: Holds a Military center and based for defence. It has also important Energy production and mining facilities. The population of the planet is 23 Billion
  4. Seisha: Its economy its based mostly on Water extraction and Informatics, with some important Domes on its surface. Alongside its moons, it gathers a total population of 24 Billion
  5. Konak: A Manufacturing center. It is known for its large factories and mining outpost all over its rings. Its whole population, including moons is of 26 Billion
  6. Mepalor: Holds a large military base. His economical activities spin around entertainment, finance, mining, Hydroponic production and manufacture. Its whole population is 27 Billion
  7. Sobek: Its the capital of the Entire System, and the Entire Imperial Territory in the Elcano Galaxy. It is the main center of production and the most important spot. It has a total population of 64 Billion, being by far the most populated.
  8. Taigran: Its heavily populated, most notably on its moons, who served as main mining centers. Most of the population though its concentrated on domes in the planet Taigran were their main activities spin around collecting water, minerals, shipbuilding and research. It has a total population of 30 Billion
  9. Gundrun: Its the main departure point to other systems of the Empire, since the Hyperspace lane is located nearby. Shipbuilding, repairing, mining (mostly on its moons), entertainment, administration, military activities and Energy production drive the economy of the place. Around 25 Billion people leave on the planet.