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"Haldar, the Military, industrial and Mechanical Center of the Empire of Mankind, one of the oldest core worlds. Populated by rational, diligent and hard working citizens, its people are loyal to the Empire to the extreme and in rare places would you see more patriotism than here. One of the few places in this nation where you'll see androides, IA computing, drones and robots everywhere you go. The World of Steal as it has been nickname is the main exponent for Naval Shipbuilding, Military training and Engineering. In fact, the best technological education can only be obtained here." - Senator Maes Prim

Haldar is a Terran World a terrestrial terra, located in the binary Urtas System, orbiting Urtas A a White Sun. It is place in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into Herschel Space. It is the most important planet in terms of military from those around the core of the Empire of Mankind, and the nation's Army headquarters are located here. It is the second most defended zone after the capital and taking it by enemies is considered an almost impossible task.

History and Background

The Planet was founded early on, mostly by settlers from Pax and a small contingents of Elpidans. It was one of the First planets to be colonized after the main three capitals and alongside Thetis. It became soon a manufacturing world, based on industrial production but by the late era of the Republic of Anthropos, the planet had specialised and become much more militaristic and technology based. By the First and Second Civil Wars, the Planet had already been swifting to be a center for the Army, and acted as the main center of importance for the Generals of the Republic during the First Civil war, being the headquarters of Horis Tarnos offensive towards the battling parties.

It was the main target during the First Relative's War, between the Empress and the Pretender to the Throne, being the battle of Haldar the biggest battle in the War and ending with the defeat of the Pretender.


Haldar is famous for its foggy atmosphere, and the planet had to be adapted in terms of oxygen for the settlers to be able to live in here. The atmosphere has a beautiful pinkish tone, and the continents are usually lush full of forests and marshes. The planet has 5 continents although one of them is divided in three islands, while another is separated from a small piece of land but would geologically speaking, be counted as one.

The Continents are: Pompei, Yukata, Tovar, Alaric and Helvetia.

  • Helvetia: Its the most populated of all, its located towards the northeast and is a big island-continent. It has several large fields and forests and is the place where Ayal, the biggest city is located. The city is an industrial place, full of Harbours and Exporting and Trading Companies operating here. It holds the Army's Headquarters.
  • Alaric: Its the Second most populated continent, it is located in the southwest, and is as well an island continent, separated from Pompey and Yukata in the West and South by a straight of Water. The city of Endira is located here and is the main Educational Center of the Planet, and where the Imperial
    Haldar 1.jpg
    Technological University is located. It's as well a center for robotics.
  • Tovar: Are a set of three islands, split by very small straights of water. They are generally grouped as one single continent due to cultural and historical reasons. This Islands are a center for Shipbuilding and Armour manufacturing. The Biggest city is Milnor.
  • Pompei: It's the largest continent and stretches from north to south. lt holds many weapon manufactures, industrial production and Naval equipment design centers. It has as well, many research centers focus on military and space fearing. The biggest city is Ubun. The continent is famous for its forests and natural beauty.
  • Yukata: Its the second largest continent and lies all along the southern pole. It is the least populated and is usually used for producing supplies (farming, herding, fishing and tools), chemical production related to military, weapon testings and military training.

Continental Names Map

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Culture and Society

Location of Haldar in the Lewis Galaxy

Society and Culture in the Planet are very militaristic and very rational. People here like to take rational decision rather than keep themselves go with their weak human emotions. Children since their youngest age are trained in hard conditions, sports, military and sometimes ascetic and meditation live. The Honor of the Warrior is something very much appreciated here and hardwork in business is also highly regarded. Pleasure is seen as luxury only deserved by merit.

If Haldarians win a conflict the entire planet goes on a crazy avalanche of pleasures from feasting and sex to art, cinema and artistic deads. If Haldars lose a war, mourning is felt for years and silence and shame is seen all over the place. They will be a time for meditation, hard training and ascetic ways of live as a way for learning from mistakes.

There is a small Unionist community living in the planet as well specially after the ending of hostilities between both nations. The best Engineering University is located here and is one of the biggest buildings in the Planet alongside the Military Headquarters.


Key Structures

Shipbuilding Harbour on Haldar

The military shipyards of Haldar are some of the most sophisticated among the Lewis Nations and the Empire of Mankind. They arent the only ones but definitely they are worth mentioning as one of the best technologically advance shipyards in the Empire.

Flora and Fauna


  • Teholdar
  • Hort
  • Gassandra
  • Fermix


  • Olippa
  • Utuir
  • Volaxin
  • Epeldis