100th Millennium Wiki

"Any foolish enough to come here with war in their hearts will break their back upon the rock of the angels. They will learn what it means to face true warriors of the Dominion." -Marshal Henhuein.


Halo Rock is the fourth planet around Borodin A, the first of the three stars that make up the Borodin system. Halo Rock is a world of the Alech Dominion. It is a world that had no surface water and no breathable atmosphere, like several of the Dominion's early colonies. Fortunately, it was not quite as difficult a process as needed to be undertaken for worlds like Ashensand. The process beagn in 10016. The atmosphere needed a little CO2 siphoning and some O2 and Nitrogen stolen from gas giants, but after that, all that was needed was liquid water. After harvesting from asteroids and water-rich systems, the world was livable by 10047. 

Halo Rock is a fortress world through and through, and has been as such since its inception. All liquid water is either concentrated in subsurface oceans or secured inside surface fortifications. All surface life outside of the fortifications is regularly purged by the Dominion. Every effort is made to deny the enemy any resupply from the land. Colonists moved to the planet before the terraformation process began, but once terraformation finished Halo Rock became a mass supplier of manpower to the Dominion. Sol diers of the Rock would fight across the cluster for the next three thousand years, and the planet would provide many ships and weapons to the alliance as well. Like many of its sister planets, the Rock saw minor skirmishes on its surface over the course of the Screk war, but  it only had one large battle take place on its surface in the course of the conflict. In 13072, the final wave of Screk invaders came to the Dominion's borders, and void battles were fought all across the Borodin system. One massice enemy battleship crashed down to the planet's surface on top of the fortress-city of Kusrovah.

The Charnel Crater

The Charnel Crater is the name of both a battle and a place on the surface of Halo Rock. It's the spot where a massive Screk ship impacted into the center of a city on the Rock. A fair amount of the Screk crew survived and began to pour out of the downed vessel. Resistance to the attack was disorganised and slow. The ship had annihilated the central citadel of the city, and in the process killed almost all of the city's high command, along with a fair number of troops and civilians, and collapsed or flattened a third of the city. Despite this, the populace stuck to their training and plans. This was a day that they had prepared for for generations. Dominion soldiers took up positions along the edges of the crater and dug their way out of the rubble. The Screk charged en masse towards the rest of the city, presumably hoping to seize control while the defenders were still disorganzied. The Screk had the numbers advantage, as the central citadel of the city was also the barracks for most of the city's standing army, but they were charging across an unfamilair lanscape with a lot of open ground, and Dominion soldiers could fire down upon them from the lip of the crater. The Screk suffered immense casualties, but they reached the edge of the crater, and there the battle devolved into brutal close quarters combat. The Dominion line was wavering, and might soon break.

That was when General Antonov Vasileyev emerged from deep within the ruins of the city center. At the head of a ragtag force of veterans, special forces, and his personal bodyguard, He charged into the swarm of Screk from behind them in the middle of the crater. This confused the hive mind, and with the moment's hesitation and the necessty of fighting the enemy on both sides, the battle began to turn in the Dominion's favor. The battle was long and brutal, lasting over 18 continous hours from the crash to the end, but the end eventualy came. When the surviving soldiers peered over their trenches, they were met with a crater whose walls were nearly coated in blood and bodies. General Vasileyev and over ninety-five percent of his men did not survive, and the costs were still immense for the city, but it survived.

A Fortress Of Spite

One of the Dominion's earliest Marshals after the retreat of the Screk was a man named Georges Henhuein, a Halo Rock native and ardent expansionist. In his inuagural speech, amonst other rhetoric, he decreed: "The Dominion shall become a fortress of spite! A forceful declaration to the galaxy that we will not be bent or broken! Those who would invade our worlds and kill our people will know that the Dominion will not fall before its last citizen has taken  their final breath!" Far from just rousing words, the speech shared the sentiments of much of the Dominion's populace, and would become guiding words for the rest of the nation's history. Lessons were learned from the catastrophically pyrrhic victory at the Charnel Crater. The Dominion have since created and mass produced high quality orbital bombardment grade sheild arrays and antiship gun batteries. No ship will ever crash into the Rock unhindered again.