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Hannakon I Tarnos is the First Emperor of the Empire of Mankind, founder of the Tarnos Dynasty and grandson of Horis Tarnos, from which it is said to share common traits and to be very similar in many ways. He was also beloved by its people and is revered as a Hero and an almost God-like figure, by the citizens of the Empire of Mankind.

He is also appreciated as a great figure by most inhabitants of the Lewis Nations, even if they are against his authoritarian measures. In reality, his coronation was the only result available after the Second Civil War that brought the previous Republic of Anthropos to ruins and chaos, and its outerly disaster and fall, so to be replace by a stronger nation, a popular Empire.

He was trained in the Military and was said to be similar in character to his grandfather. He was responsible for the first economic boom of the Empire of Mankind, pushing its boundaries and financing colonization of many worlds as well as transforming Elpida into a Capital suited for an Empire.

History and Background

Hannakon was set to be born in the House of the Guardian, in Indara in the year 28, 100 CE. He grew alongside his father and his grandfather who he liked to spent time with and greatly loved. After Horis death, his son took the title of Guardian and Hannakon took it after his father. He soon was involved in the Second Civil War and just as his grandfather, he was able to intervene effectively and won against all odds. He was able to defeat the rebellious parties that outnumbered him thanks to its internal division and his popular support. He showed as his grandfather, great leadership and military skills.

When the War was over, the situation was tense and people demanded him to be his saviour and protector so by popular voting he was granted the sole rule and the Empire was born. The First thing he did after his coronation, was building a massive statue of his Grandfather and father, several monuments to both civil wars, and rebuilt the Guardian House, transforming it into a real Palace, the current Imperial Palace of today. He also changed the city of Indara and prepare it to become a new glorious capital, as well as changing its name by that of Imperial City.

Marriage and Family

He married the first daughter of the Hayalon Family, the Emperor's best allies during the Second Civil War, since they controlled much of the supply of materials for the war, and their support was crucial for the Emperor. They were given Nobility status and so the alliance was consolidated by the marriage of both families.

They had two sons and two daughters: Horis I Tarnos the future emperor, married to the Dalvan's Family, Melissa Tarnos married to The Etchalon Family, Aaron Tarnos married a daughter of The Oberon's Family and Diana Tarnos was married to The Sigurdsson's Family. This tied the Tarnos Dynasty with powerful families of recently granted Nobility status.

The Aunts of the Emperor were already married. Silvana Tarnos was married with the Hangul's Family, and Reiva Tarnos was married to the Zykov Family, some of the most powerful nobiliarian families.