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Haradaris is a temperate planet located of the Minotaur Nebula, in the Rodaun Galaxy, the home galaxy of the Aldorian species, and thus in Herschel Space. It is located in the Yeleparis System, in the so called "Nucleus Realis" or Laksa Sector of the Aldorian High Kingdom,. It is the one of the most important planet in the Aldorian High Kingdom, some say even after Kasna and Selen. It is also one of the oldest colonies of the Temer Aldorians in Space, and the definitely among the oldest in the High Kingdom. It is seat of the main religious authorities in the Nation and the priests hold power of the planet. Large temples complexes exist here and Haradaris has a holy allure to the citizens of the nation.

A big guarrison is placed around the world, in the huge orbital military station known as Lonnis, in which thousands of spaceships and others defend and protect the planet from attack.

Characteristics & Economy

Haradaris is one of the key planets of the Kingdom, as it holds many royal infrastructure and main centers of power. It is one of the biggest producers of food for the Kingdom. It is the seat of the Priesthood, with the High Laksar Council (center of the religious power of the kingdom) and the seat of the Data Bank and the Big National Library, as well as many insurance companies.

It is also a main center for Enterteiment and Fashion in the Aldorian High Kingdom. Commerce also plays a big role, as the planet is located at the center of some important hyperspace routes within the nation. It has key access to trade comming from the Aldorian Confederacy and the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian League. Even having access to comerce with the Aldorian Shabada and the Human nations of the Intergalactic Federation and the Empire of Mankind.

The Planet is very sophisticated and of great prestige for the noble family that controls it, the Idan Family. Live on the planet is consider rather utopic and its inhabitants have idealist rural lives, cultivating the land and living in little towns or middle size cities sprawling all over the planet. Casually this has prevented mass densities in cities. Arquitecturally speaking, the planet is covered in beautiful building and explendid constrictions. The rich among the Aldorian nations, specially the Aldorian Dominium, enjoy doing tourism in this world.

Most of Haradaris is dedicated to agriculture of this product and subsequent derivated products of Gor. All industry also orbitates towards agricultural production, machinery, design etc...


The Planet is completely covered in savanna like vegetation. The nature of this world is notable for its purple like apearance. This color comes from the flora, and today it is mostly attributed to large scale production of Gor. This plant, native of Haradaris, is one of the most extended crops in the Aldorian nations and even the Lewis Nations as one of the most basic foods.

The purple aspect of the planet is due to the purple mists that form with humidity, seed and spores of the vegetal life on the planet. Green and yellow are also present. Due to its characteristic purple appearance, this color has becomed the emblem of the planet and the system.


The settlement began wen Alkaris helped their faithful supporters, who still lived in the region of Temer in Birnis to scape from the repercussions that his twin brother, King Maron was undertaken against those who had supported his rival en the civil war among the twin brothers. Many of these were settled in Haradaris.

It all began when a Civil War broke out in Temer, in Birnis and its subsequent colonies in space, Selen and Kasna, for the succession to the trone. The War of the Twin Kings. Alkaris won in the colonies, while loosing in Temer, and Maron won in Temer but lost in the space colonies. For this reason, from now on, two entities form. On one hand the Kingdom of Temer, located in Birnis and on the other hand the Aldorian High Kingdom who was located in space.

This event initiated the colonization on Alkaris behalf, of several recently colonized planets able to support Aldorian life; Tyran and Haradaris. This meant that the Temer Kingdom in Birnis lost the race for space, while the true winner of space expantion and colonization was the Aldorian High Kingdom.

Fauna and Flora