Harmony was the former first major moon of Haven, fourth planet of the Hope System in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It was a temperate O-Class world before it was torn apart by its parent planet's gravity and formed a large ring system.


Harmony stands as the ultimate example of how the end of one thing can mean the beginning of another, as without it, Haven would remain as the barren desert world it once was. The reason for this would be when the moon crossed within its parent planet's Roche limit, it would ultimately be torn apart by the aforementioned planet's gravity and formed the large planetary rings that encircle Haven today, with the rings themselves being named after the world responsible for their creation.

It was an object of extreme spiritual importance to the inhabitants of its parent planet, the Havenites, worshiping the moon as a realm of the heavenly dead, endlessly sailing the glimmering blue seas. And once the Havenites were able, they would colonize Harmony, covering almost every inch of the moon with massive floating cities in both the lunar waters, and its bright blue atmosphere. And once the Havenites were annexed into the Etymology, the moon's population would increase immensely, as many aquatic member species found the world quite habitable.

Though it would suffer the same fate that befell all worlds in the Etymology's domain, it would be relatively untouched by the Red Galaxy Event, as the C.Y.R.E.X was more focusing on Haven and its sister-moon Hearth. So while all settlements and their occupants on Harmony were destroyed, the moon's glittering oceans remained as they had from the beginning. However after inching ever so closer to the planet's Roche limit, thanks to gravitational influence by its sister-moon, Harmony would face its end, being torn apart and formed the Rings of Harmony.


As the moon was an O-Class world, its surface comprised of a singular global ocean that stretched across the entire length of the moon's diameter, leaving little to no notable geological features.

This ocean extended the depth of Harmony, all the way down to the moon's core, which in turn was covered by a thick layer of water ice several kilometres deep.


The climate of Harmony, like its parent planet, was extremely temperate, with an average lunar temperature of around sixteen degrees Celsius. Its atmosphere was primarily made up of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and water, allowing Havenites to naturally inhabit the world.

its average wind speeds were also fairly fast, traveling at around twenty-eight kilometres an hour, creating massive tides across the whole of the ocean moon, making it almost impossible for any sea-fairing vessel to try to traverse the treacherous waters. Along with the wind speeds, the moon also experienced large cloud coverage, often concealing the whole of the moon. As well, massive rainstorms would pour from the heavens, increasing the depth of the ocean each time.


Like all worlds under the Havenite Republic's control, the overall culture of Harmony was centered around both the worship of the heavenly winds, as well as their extreme xenophobic nature towards other species. Along with this, they would also share the idealistic nature of cooperation that the Havenite government had, attempting to provide support to all Havenites in need.

After all worlds under the Havenite Republic's domain were annexed into the Etymology, the overall culture of her worlds would remain mostly untouched, and Harmony would fall under this category as well, though the interpersonal xenophobia of the Havenites living on Harmony needed to be toned down as more then just Havenite would inhabit the surface of the moon.


At the apotheosis of Harmony's history, it had an unfathomably massive population of around fifty trillion individuals, with most being Havenites that inhabited the many floating colonies that were located both on sea and air. However, many Etymology-member species that inhabited salt water oceans would find Harmony to be very habitable, and they would propagate all across the moon.


Ancient History

Harmony's history begins in 4,209,673,732 BCE, when an ancient planet of the Hope System came within the gravitational influence to that of fellow Hopeian planet, Haven, which would cause the former to be launched towards the latter and collided with Haven, destroying the planet and leaving large debris fields in orbit around Haven. The aforementioned debris would begin to clump together under their own respective gravity, ultimately forming two spheres that were placed in orbit around Haven. These would come to be known henceforth as Hearth and Harmony.

When it first formed, Harmony would appear much the same as its sister-moon of Hearth, a barren dusty Selena world, devoid of any exciting surface interactions. However, in 3,780,950,215 BCE, several centaurs that had their orbits perpetuated would be launched towards Haven and before being able to be placed in orbit around Haven proper, they would cross within the gravitational field belonging to Harmony, and it would place six large icy comets in orbit around it, making them subsatellites.

And like most subsatellites, their orbit around their parent body would begin to degrade, and ultimately Harmony was unable to keep a hold of them, and in 3,780,940,218 BCE, all six of the miniature moons would begin to plummet towards the surface, crashing on the dusty rock in large impact craters. As this happened, the water ice that made up the subsatellites' composition would melt, and large salt water oceans would begin to fill the moon's rocky surface, as well as creating a thick atmosphere, trapping the heat from the impact.

Havenite Occupation

In 2,489,466,176 BCE, Harmony would become the first extra-planetary colony-world to the Havenites, the native intelligent species of the moon's parent planet of Haven. As they arrived, Harmony appeared the same as the myths and fairy tales told, an endless ocean with massive winds, allowing the Havenites to soar across the sky with ease. As such, Harmony would begin to see further and further colonization, covering the entire moon in massive floating cities moving along with the endless tides. Along with those in the oceans, many colonies would be created in the moon's lapis blue skies as well.

During the conflict waged between the Havenite Republic and the Nagala Empire known as the: "Safe Haven Wars," Harmony was used as a massive manufacturing plant, creating countless warships to be sent out to extra-solar colony worlds. Thus, in 2,488,109,012 BCE, the Nagala would attempt to launch an invasion of Harmony in order to cut the head of the snake and cripple the Havenite's military. However, they underestimated how guarded the moon's surface was, and the small skirmish that took place above the moon's atmosphere would end in the Havenite's favor.

Once both the Havenites and the Nagala were discovered by the Etymology in 2,488,109,000 BCE, Harmony would be selected as one of the worlds to be orbitally bombarded by the aforementioned civilization, causing in the deaths of billions and destroying many of the cities established there. Afterwards, the Havenite Republic was annexed into the Etymology, and countless other Etymology-member species would migrate to Harmony, causing the population to shoot up into the upper trillions.


Like all worlds that fell underneath the Etymology's banner, Harmony and her occupants would suffer the horrors of the Red Galaxy Event perpetrated by the C.Y.R.E.X in 604,000,000 BCE. As it happened several satellite arrays would heat the moon's atmosphere, killing all life on the surface. However since most of the C.Y.R.E.X's efforts in the Hope System were focused on Haven, Harmony's lunar ocean would remain relatively untouched, though the atmosphere would thicken and cause the moon's surface to increase in temperature.

However, Harmony would face its true destruction on 539,070,000 BCE, as its orbit would slowly encroach towards that of Hearth's respective gravitational field. As it happened, Haven's own gravity would stabilize Hearth's orbit, but it would cause Harmony's to fall towards the planet, ultimately entering within Haven's Roche limit and it would begin to slowly be torn apart. While it was torn apart, the moon's water would begin to fall to the barren deserts of Haven and massive salt water oceans would hug the currently empty continents, and the former core of the moon would form a large scarlet ring system which would become to be known as the: "Rings of Harmony."

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