Hathia is a habitable planet near to the Via Sagittaria Galaxy and home to the Molkor. It servers as the capital of Molkoryo and as the executive capital of the Confederacy of Borealis. The planet's system is the third most populous in the Confederacy at 87.7 septillion inhabitants. It has the highest population of any system not centered around a black hole in the Confederacy as well. Large numbers of Confederate bureaus are headquartered on Hathia. In particular, law enforcement bureaus are the most common. The majority of the government functions were built for governing Molkoryo rather than governing the Confederacy.

Hathia is one of the most well-defended systems in the Confederacy of Borealis. There are three military bases within 30 light-minutes of Hathia, all fielding some of the most advanced weaponry available in the Confederacy. The tight defenses are due to the repeated bombardment the planet experienced during the War of the Ancients. Most of the land-area of the planet was destroyed, leaving behind one global sea. To this day the land has not been repaired to act as a memorial to the war itself.

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