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Hathia is a habitable world within Via Aylathiya and a major world in the Alkan Intendancy. The world is the capital of the Vespanic Order, an order of Paladins ruling over much of the Molkor. The planet's system is a very populous in Via Aylathiya at 87.7 quadrillion inhabitants. It has the highest population of any system not centered around a black hole in the galaxy as well. Large numbers of Alkan bureaus and ministries are headquartered on Hathia. In particular, law enforcement bureaus are the most common.

Hathia is one of the most well-defended systems in the galaxy. There are three military bases within 30 light-minutes of Hathia, all fielding some of the most advanced weaponry available. The tight defenses are due to the repeated bombardment the planet experienced throughout its history. Most of the land-area of the planet was destroyed, leaving behind one global sea. To this day the land has not been repaired to act as a memorial to the various wars of Hathia's history.


Early History

Hathia's native life was likely only bacteria, formed roughly 4 billion years before the present day. This life remained primitive, never even becoming eukaryotic. The first colonists to arrive on the planet were Sedruans originating from the Suvaren Field. They first colonized the world in about 65,000 BCE, causing their imported life to begin competing with native life. They would eventually form an ecosystem in which two unique biochemistries exist. These colonists remained loyal to the nation of Sedrua until the beginning of the Sedrua-Triumvirate War, when the governor of the region was killed. The planet was plunged into anarchy, never conquered by the victorious Triumvirate Civilization. They came to be known as the "Molkor" as they diverged from Sedruan civilization.

The Molkor never reunited, especially after various raids on the region by Triumvirate scouts. The Triumvirate continued to destroy any attempts for the colonists to unite, cutting Hathia off from the rest of the colonists. Upon the collapse of the Triumvirate, the Molkor were finally able to expand to other worlds.

Pre-Common Era

Finding itself in a chaotic environment surrounded by thousands of rival nations, Hathia was in a constant state of war. The nearby worlds, all technically Molkor as well, were separated long enough to remain disunited. Hathia eventually became one of the more powerful worlds in the region. As time went on, foreign intervention began mounting in the region. Nations such as the Yohjan Confederacy and Florenta began funding world sympathetic to their interests. The Confederacy backed Hathia, supplying the world with munitions and resources. Hathia soon became one of the most powerful of the Molkor worlds.

The Molkor would soon become a member state of the Triumvirate Republic and operate as the first "Intendancy" in the galaxy, that is, a government controlled by an organization similar to a chivalric order.

The War of the Final Transition

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Upon the beginning of the War of the Final Transition, Hathia lost nearly all of its support from the Yohjans. A somewhat stable balance of power formed in Molkor space, only for it to collapse. The constant fighting returned with a vengeance, now with far more advanced weaponry. As the largest war in Aylathiyan history raged around them, the balance of power shifted drastically on Hathia. An order of knights (Hathian: Tyroma) known as the Vespanic Order seized power in the government in 107 BCE. This chivralic order took control of the finance throughout Hathian-controlled planets, eventually having such a grip on the economy they were its de facto leaders. This was made official when the Grand Master of the order had the previous order disbanded, securing control of Hathia. The order became the official government.

A neighboring species, the Ror Units, experienced the exact same issues. They were fairly stable until the power balance with the Molkor tipped, causing large numbers of Molkor nations to invade their territory. The Ror, unable to maintain their own power balance, began falling into similar conflicts. Hathia faced near constant invasion from Rorran and Molkor alike.

After the war ended, the foreign powers were too poor to return to policing the region. Florenta attempted an intervention in about 700 CE; however, it ended in failure. Hathia and its sister nations had only diverged more in this time, with culture and genes now far enough to divide them into subspecies, united under one label of "Molkor."

First Galactic War

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The First Galactic War was a period, starting in 9,899 CE, in which the Un'oit Collective rapidly expanded to form a massive empire encompassing most of Via Aylathiya. Using innovative tactics in addition to large numbers of superior ancient craft, they began their invasion of numerous areas. This area included the space occupied by the Molkor and Ror. For the first time since Sedrua, the Molkor found themselves united under one banner. The Vespanic Order went underground as many of their leaders executed by the new Un'oit nobility which took their place.

After Humans, supported by Regnum Aureiga and Florenta, revolted from the Un'oit in 12,764 CE, the Un'oit only put more emphasis on maintaining their control of the Molkor. Eventually, Hathia would become the capital of the Un'oit Collective. Most of the population, wealth, and cultural influence in the empire came from the Molkor, causing a huge shift in the politics of the empire. To better rule their territory, Hathia was the logical choice for a capital. As time went on, the Collective became more and more an empire of the Molkor and Ror rather than an empire of the Un'oit.

When the Vespanic Order emerged from the shadows and inducted the ruler of the Un'oit as Grand Master in 13,105 CE, it marked the end of the First Galactic War and the end of Un'oit Dominance. The Molkor and Ror would come to dominate Collective politics for the next several thousand years as the Vespanic Order took power. Having control over all of the once-remarkably tumultuous Ror and Molkor, Hathia became an important world on the galactic stage. As the capital of what was still called the "Un'oit Collective" despite being only having a minority of Un'oit, Hathia gained a reputation for power. Not a single conflict involving Hathia occurred in the years before the Great Empyreal Crusade.

The Great Empyreal Crusade

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The Great Empyreal Crusade was an expansive conflict in which the nation of Empyros, invaded almost every nation in and around Via Aylathiya. The conflict, while not as deadly as the War of the Final Transition, was most certainly far more expansive. Hathia was one of the main targets of Empyreal aggression, given its reputation as a military powerhouse. Hathia fell halfway through the conflict in 20,801 CE.

With the fall of Hathia, the Un'oit Collective split into pieces, the Un'oit-dominated areas formed into the modern Un'oit Collective while the remaining territories were shattered into numerous pieces. Hathia would quickly be liberated by the Vespanic Order in 20,804 CE; however, this proved to be too little too late as much of its territory fell. Ignoring the Great Empyreal Crusade, the Vespanic Order attempted to invade the strategically important regions of Miriste and Shyaro. This failed as troops from Erstes Konsortium occupied these areas first, preventing Vespanic expansion. Stuck in Molkor space, Vespanic Order shrunk to what are essentially its modern day borders.

Vespanic Era

After the Crusade, the Vespanic Order managed to gain a large amount of influence. Its reach stretched far beyond the systems immediately around it. Even Humans from the newly created United Federation of Star Systems would achieve the rank of "Paladin" within the Vespanic Order.