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Haven was the former fourth planet of the Hope System within the Ambrosia Galaxy, however it now serves as the primary plane of the Mavimyst, Sixteenth Realm of the Thavma Thoroughfare. It is a temperate terra world with life covering its entire surface. It has served as the birthplace of an innumerable amount of sapient races, leading to a vast diversity in planetary culture throughout the millennia.

For over three thousand years, planet Haven has occupied its position as the jewel of the Mavimyst, the most precious of its seven planes, and as such, it has held the most dynamic history out of them all, as countless civilizations rose and fell within its borders untold generations of lived and died in its lands, and endless war has been waged by its inhabitants for total control of its sacred lands and seas.

Geography and Climate

Haven's tectonic plates are very active, as the planet's silicate core has remained as active as the moment it fully formed, and thanks to this, the planet houses eight continents: Zazriel, Barquiel, Rahmiel, Cerviel, Pathiel, Loreiel, Ruhiel, and Vanriel. Each of these continents contains massive populations, filled with tens of millions. Each of the world's continents are divided by the twin oceans, the Enrothi Ocean in the West, and Geilda Ocean in the East.

Haven experiences an extremely varied climate, with each region of the planet holding its own unique climate, varying depending on each hemisphere, with areas warm enough to creating boiling deserts, while others are cold enough to create mazes of icebergs. On the majority of landmasses situated across the relative center of the planet, a very temperate climate is experienced, allowing for massive forests filled with countless forms of flora and fauna to stretch for endless kilometres. While towards the southern and northern poles of the planet, an endless bitter winter exists across millions of kilometres, freezing all those who are not accustomed to its chill.

Its atmosphere is primarily comprised of rich amounts of nitrogen, with it comprising around eighty percent of the entire atmosphere, This thick atmosphere has allowed millions of different lifeforms to develop all across the planet, and has also allowed any life suited for it to exist on the surface as well, such as those you would find on Earth , Haven's closest analogue. Other gases that make up the planet's atmosphere are oxygen, which almost makes up the remainder, with trace elements of hydrogen, argon and carbon-dioxide filling it out.