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Haven is the fourth planet of the Hope System located in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a temperate terrestrial world with life covering its entire surface. It served as the home world of the Havenite species and the Havenite Republic, and was also capital of the Havenborne Alliance of Ambrosia . It now serves as humanity's capital in the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems


Haven was named by the first humans who arrived, as its original name has been lost to the ages. It is a planet teeming with life, millions of lifeforms unicellular, and multicellular, marine and terrestrial. One of those life forms that was housed by the planet was the Havenite species, an intelligent species that would later become a mid type two civilization.

It has served as one of the most important worlds in the whole of modern Ambrosian history, as it is the capital world of humanity, the extra-galactic species that would begin reshaping Ambrosia with the founding of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

The planet wasn't always as it appears today, during the Etymology Era Haven was covered in warm deserts and a single ocean dividing the land in half. However after it was: "destroyed" by the C.Y.R.E.X it gradually cooled and eventually became the world we see today.

The official flag of planet Haven. The three stars represent it's historical periods as well as the planet's importance to Ambrosian History. The top star represents the Ancient Era of Haven, when the Havenites ruled over the planet. The middle represents the Peace Era of the planet, when the C.Y.R.E.X set the world ablaze and allowed new life to flourish. And the final star stands for the current status of Haven as the capital of humanity in the Ambrosia Galaxy. The stripes personifies the Rings of Harmony, and the pine tree does the same for the dense forests found around the planet.

Due to its importance to Ambrosian history, as well as human identity in Ambrosia, numerous conflicts have been waged within its borders for control over the world, however so far both the planet and the rest of the Hope System as remained firmly in control by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. Along with internal conflicts, Haven and the wider Hope System has been involved in several larger intragalactic war, the most notable of these being the Fall of Haven, which occurred during the Sanlagosa Concordant's crusade against humanity, leaving the planet a shadow of its former self.

Haven's population following the Fall of Haven waged during the Mythra -Sanlagosa Crusade was only one tenth of its height. Fifty billion men women and children made up of several of Ambrosia's sapient races was cut down to only around one billion. The planet itself may have been left a barren wasteland were it not for the actions of Syx Corsage and Seven Novum, who single handedly returned to Haven and defeated the engaging fleet.

Most major cities and settlements across the planet were burned into glass and rubble. The only majorly populated city remaining on the surface is the capital city of Free-Haven, with only around ten percent of its former population living in the massively abandoned city. Whilst the rest of the cities remain sparsely populated, with most structures remaining destroyed.

After nearly facing total destruction, a large number of the planet's surviving population moved away from the wounded world, relocating to the fledgling humanity's new capital world, Dralora, leaving the planet's current population barely reaching one billion. As result, a massive portion of the planet's destroyed sections of land, be them caused by the battle or caused by actions committed by the population beforehand have been reclaimed by nature, leaving the entirety of the planet's temperate landmass covered in massive forests. Many of the ruined cities and settlements are now covered in thick foliage, with fauna making they're respective nests and dens within the formerly inhabited structures.


"And there I saw her. Her seas so blue, her grass so green. Her red rings dimly illuminated by Ambrosia's amaranth hue. I saw this, our new Aegyn , in a place so far from home." -Lakarda Lakvan

Haven's tectonic plates are very active, as the planet's silicate core has remained as active as the moment it fully formed, and thanks to this, the planet houses seven continents similar to planet Aegyn . In order they are: Zazriel, Barquiel, Rahmiel, Cerviel, Pathiel, Ruhiel, and Vanriel. Although the two continents' of Rahmiel and Cerviel haven been heavily disputed as many people say they are apart of the same tectonic plate, nicknaming the two of them: "Duraphiel," though this is not considered offically. Each of these continents contains massive populations, filled with tens of billions of individuals, even dwarfing entire colony worlds in their own right.

And each of these continents are divided by the twin oceans, Geilda, in the north, and Lakarda, in the south. Each of these oceans were named after the two individuals whom headed the: "Great Expansion" project that lead humans to planet Haven, and the wider Ambrosia Galaxy, Lakarda Lakvan and Geilda Lakvan respectively.

Map of Haven.

Along with the similarity towards Aegyn in her continents, Haven's overall landscape and geography is almost that of an exact mirror image of the Aegyn , with the same amount of geodiversity in the myriad of biomes that are spread amongst its respective landmasses, though the majority of the planet's landscape consists of massive temperate forests comprised of the countless species of flora that exist on Haven.

Along with the endless woodlands and jungles, Haven is covered with snow-capped mountain ranges, cold taigas, frozen wastelands, scorched deserts, arid badlands, and massive swamps that stench for millions of kilometres.


"Speak to me again, about the fair maiden Haven. Her beautiful locks of verdant greens and blue. Her crimson-ringed dress of harmonious silk. Her fair skin of fertile enchantment. I give thanks to the fair maiden Haven, for she is the land who would herald our kind to our new amaranth realm of wonders."

Haven is located in the center of the: "Hope Sector," a region of the Realm of Resonance comprising the first one thousand star systems in the Ambrosia Galaxy to be colonized by humanity.

Remarkably, this area of space is filled to the brim with life inhabited worlds, with around forty percent of its respective star systems holding at least one world with some form of life. There doesn't seem to be any exact reason why this is the case.


Haven experiences an extremely varied climate, with each region of the planet holding its own unique climate and like most terrestrial worlds, Its climate is varied depending on each hemisphere, with areas warm enough to creating boiling deserts, while others are cold enough to create mazes of icebergs.

On the majority of landmasses situated across the relative center of the planet, a very temperate climate is experienced, allowing for massive forests filled with countless forms of flora and fauna to stretch for endless kilometres.

While towards the southern and northern poles of the planet, an endless bitter winter exists across millions of kilometres, freezing all those who are not accustomed to its chill.

Its atmosphere is primarily comprised of rich amounts of oxygen, with it comprising around eighty percent of the entire atmosphere, leading to the planet's piercing sapphire-blue coloring. This thick atmosphere has allowed millions of different lifeforms to develop all across the planet, and has also allowed any life suited for it to exist on the surface as well, such as those you would find on Aegyn , Haven's closest analogue.

Other gases that make up the planet's atmosphere are hydrogen, which almost makes up the remainder, with trace elements of nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide filling it out.