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"Speak to me again, about the fair maiden Haven. Her beautiful locks of verdant greens and blue. Her crimson-ringed dress of harmonious silk. Her fair skin of fertile enchantment. I give thanks to the fair maiden Haven, for she is the land who would herald our kind to this Amaranth Realm of wonders."-Ancient Edian Prayer


Haven. Lyarth. Heaven Below. Great Jewel of Thavma. The World Majestic. It goes by many names, yet they all describe the same, that being a world of unmatched beauty and magical majesty. Often referred to simply as "the world" by its collective inhabitants, Haven is the primary plane of the Mavimyst, a member of the Thavmatic Void's Outer Realms. Haven is a temperate terra world with countless life covering its entire surface. It has served as the birthplace of an innumerable amount of sapient races, leading to a vast diversity in planetary culture throughout the millennia, as both Alizarin and Inomeni have long forged massive empires across the land, carving out their own dynasties, each lasting untold centuries.

As the jewel of the Mavimyst, Haven has long been the desire of collective Typhonia, as the Divine endlessly send forth both magical manipulation, and their own progeny to the world in the desire to turn its peoples and lands as apart of their respective domain. Both the Divine of the Heavens, and those who command the Hells, alongside all in-between hold such lust and desire for Haven that an eternal war of the Divine has been waged in order to claim it.

For thousands upon thousands of years, planet Haven has occupied its position as the jewel of the Mavimyst, the most precious of its seven planes, and as such, it has held the most dynamic history out of them all. Countless civilizations rose and fell within its borders, untold generations of lived and died in its lands, and endless war has been waged by its inhabitants for total control of its sacred lands and seas.

Despite its current position as the Great Jewel of Thavma, Haven did not originate from its endless blackened void. In fact, at two separate periods throughout its history, Haven occupied the Amaranth Realm of Ambrosia. Haven originated like all other planets of the Cosmos, crafted at the Dawn Epoch, and it stood as the third respective world of the Hope System. However, due to the machinations of the very first of the Divine, the Golden Sovereign. it would be eternally tied to the Mavimyst of his creation.

Prior to Haven's second entrance into the Mavimyst, it was inhabited by a single mortalborne race, the Havriel, who would soon find themselves expanding their power across the Realm of Resonance. They would find great success in this regard, their people propagating themselves to numerous worlds beyond. Unfortunately for them, however, due to the machinations of powers much beyond their control, they would meet their end following the righteous crusade laden against them by the all-powerful cosmic superpower of the Sanlagosa Concordant. The Havriel across all of Ambrosia were hunted by the unstoppable Sanlagosa to near total extinction down to the last. Haven would be burned to near glass.

It would take the intervention of Imagindarium's very Great Dyad of Syx Corsage and Seven Novum to prevent Haven's total destruction. From their desperation to keep the world safe, an Amaranth Contravene it would whisk Haven into the Mavimyst for the final time, eternally locking the planet away from the Amaranth Realm and writing it in eternal Remnant cosmic law that it shall remain extant in the Cosmos for all eternity, even after time's Ultimate End.

The existence of both Haven's previous place in Ambrosia, and that of the Havriel has remained unknown throughout the vast majority of the planet's modern races. As such, the time in which Haven was apart of the Amaranth Realm is known as the "Time Once Remembered," lacking any and all forms of official documentation worldwide.

At the present day, Haven is host to numerous different political powers and kingdoms, and the two most powerful and prevalent upon the world stage are the Westland Empire of Bariquel, and the Eastern Union of Rahmiel. However, countless millennia before their time, the whole of the world was under the sole dominion of the Edian Empire, before their ultimate collapse thousands of years before our present.


The name of "Haven" has been an ever-persistent title of the planet ever since its first inhabitants, the Inomeni race of the Edia, used it as a tangential title alongside its primary Edian name, "Lyarth." It is derived from Haven's pastoral and beautifully persistent landscapes its continents can produce, particularly its innumerable dense forests and woodlands have been given the notion as if they are each their own havens away from that of the Cosmos beyond.

Though the name of Haven would be second of that to "Lyarth," then dominant name of the planet throughout the Edia's first reign. The name of Lyarth is derived from the word in the language of the Divine Typhonians meaning "ours," and or "belonging to us," as reference to the Edia's claim of ownership over the planet.

After the Edia's demise, and the subsequent rise of the Alizarin race, the Havriel, the name Haven persisted as it is an apt description of the planet's geography and overall nature. And even after the Havriel's own demise, and Haven's reentering into the Mavimyst, the name Haven would still persist, continuing to be the planet's dominant name into the modern-day alongside the more simple term of "the world."



As previously mentioned, Haven was once apart of the Amaranth Realm of Ambrosia. Located within right upon the middle of the Realm of Resonance, Haven was the third planet of the Hope System, and the only of its like, housing both life, and vast oceans, lakes and seas of liquid water. As the home world of the Havriel, once they began to stretch their cosmic arms out into the stars, Haven was made to be the capital of the Havenborne Alliance of Ambrosia, with the vast majority of the Havriel population being housed there.

Now, in the modern-age, Haven is located at the absolute center of the Thavmatic Void, surrounded by the Thirteen Realms arranged in a circular pattern known as Typhonia-Circulacium. As such, both Haven, and the wider Mavimyst is constantly showered in a crushing swath of magical energies originating from the collective Realms. The most adjacent to the Mavimyst itself is the hellish realm of Apotheosis, thus making it the most prevalent in this regard.

Cosmic Interpretation

As Haven's Time Once Remembered era remains elusive to the vast majority of the planet's modern population, the true origins of the world are unknown to the Havenborne Races. As a result, the creation of the planet is laden in myth and legend, with uncountable ancient lore being written which describes the innumerable different methods and reasons as to why Haven was created as it was. The most common motif in Haven's creation myths would be that the Divine Typhonians, known to exist to the Havenborne Races thanks to their constant interference in the Mavimyst, crafted Haven, alongside the other planes of the Mavimyst from their collective domains in the Thirteen Realms as a means for mortal life to flourish.

The possible litany of contradictions between two different Divine creation accounts can be quite numerous, and several faiths of the world would attempt to reconcile different myths of creation into a single, harmonious, and standardized chronological account, often with very little success. Alongside contradictions in accounts and methods of creation, often the reason as to why Haven was in fact created can lead to a different swath of possible contradiction, as two different stories, by two different authors, with two different purposes will only meet in congruous detail by circumstance. Due to generations of this belief being reinforced, very few of the world questions the veracity of the notion of Divine Intervention in Haven's creation, with almost every individual believing in at least one form of Divine creation, most often one which has a prevalence in their region of origin.

Forever sundered from that of Ambrosia, Haven's inhabitants are shown but a distant view of the universe beyond that of the Mavimyst, as wonder and rampant speculation persists amongst them. As such, the true depth of the cosmos is eternally locked away from the Havenborne Races, and only that of the surrounding Realms of Thavma can possibly be known to them. The most prevalent and popular view of the wider Cosmos the world-over is that of a geocentric model, wherein Haven, being located at the center of Typhonia-Circulacium, is heralded as the absolute center and focal point of the entire universe, with all other worlds and realms in creation circling about the homeworld of mortal kind.



Haven experiences an extremely varied climate across it, with each region of the planet holding its own unique climate, varying depending on each hemisphere, with areas warm enough to create boiling deserts, while others are cold enough to create mazes of icebergs. On the majority of landmasses situated across the relative center of the planet, a very temperate climate is experienced, allowing for massive forests filled with countless forms of flora and fauna to stretch for endless kilometers. While towards the southern and northern poles of the planet, an endless bitter winter exists across millions of kilometers, freezing all those who are not accustomed to its chill.

The atmosphere of Haven is primarily comprised of rich amounts of nitrogen, with it accounting for nearly eighty percent of the entire atmosphere's chemical composition, leading to the planet's piercing sapphire-blue coloring. This thick atmosphere has allowed millions of different lifeforms to develop all across the planet. Other gases that make up the planet's atmosphere are oxygen, which almost makes up the remainder, with elements of helium, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide filling out the rest.

Current Geography

Haven hosts a vast variety of geographical landmarks, biomes, and landscapes, to the point in which one could describe the planet as an amalgamation of several different types of the world combined into one. The difference between two regions of a continent can be as different from one another in both life and landscape then two entirely different planes of reality can be. From verdant green forests to vast sweltering deserts, frozen wastes, and even lands made of crystalized materials, Haven hosts a grand swath of varied and wonderous lands.

Comprising Haven's collective lands are eight continents: Bariquel, Rahmiel, Pathiel, Cerviel, Zazriel, Loreiel, Vanriel, and Ruhiel, each of varying size and geographical makeup. The tectonic plates which dictate the respective continents are quite active, often shifting and bending the surface below the lands which piece above sea level, causing great mountain ranges to span thousands of miles upon the continents and islands of the world. Alongside other grandiose surface features, such as canyons, crags, and plateaus.

As Haven is constantly bombarded with magical energies from the surrounding Thirteen Realms, several landscapes across the world have been altered by the foreign elements now being introduced to them. As a result of this endless stream of collective magical energies, certain lands of Haven are transformed to both match those found within the respective alternate planes of reality, as well as wholly new interpretations of lands and concepts, mixing both those that are Havenborne and those which come from wider Thavma. These types of lands are typically fairly rare when compared to the more common land types found across the world, usually being in self-isolated pockets upon the continents and select islands.

Prior Geography

Before Haven's reentrance into the Mavimyst, the geographical features of which Haven's continents displayed were far less grandiose in nature, often displaying landmarks which are much more typical for your average *Terra planet. Primarily, the surface of Haven's continents were that of barren, rocky deserts with many snow-capped mountains located all across them. Dense woodlands hugged along these vast swaths of desolate land heading towards the ocean's collective coastlines. While upon the north and south poles of the planet, a seemingly endless expanse of ice and snow-dominate.

Upon its return to the Mavimyst, Haven's former surface would entirely revert back to when the Edia first lay claim to it. Unlike the time of their dominance, however, the collective lands of the world reverted back to a state prior to their intervention upon them, leaving every and all resources and landmarks of the world totally untouched by any sapient race's hands, making the planet Haven a variable nexus of seemingly infinite resources to the modern-day.

Mysterial Field


The mythical sound of the Mysterial Field

Due to the inherent link placed upon the planet to that of the Mavimyst, Haven's very existence within the Mavimyst invisibly interacts with that of the Realm's own Penumbral Scales which dictate the delicate balance between the Light and Darkness that constitute it. From this interaction, a great field, known as the "Mysterial Field," is created which surrounds Haven in an extremely dense field of supercharged electromagnetic particles of magical nature, which themselves cause additional aberrations upon the planet itself, further adding to the constant magical interpellation.

Acting as an invisible shield to that of Haven, the Mysterial Field is what actively prevents all who inhabit Haven from falling victim to the Mavimyst's Penumbral Scales' resetting of themselves following the Mavishift, as their very spirits would be destroyed upon the absolutely crushing weight of the on-rushing Light and Dark energies sent back into the Mavimyst, and by extension towards that of Haven. During the Mavishift, as the energies of both Light and Darkness are sent forth toward Haven, the Mysterial Field will receive the largest brunt of their immense presence, whilst much fewer and diluted amounts of said energies descend down to the planet below, lessened to a point in which collective life is not at risk of annihilation.

Alongside acting as a barrier between the consequences of the Mavishift and Haven proper, the Mysterial Field acts as a buffer between the magical energies pouring forth from the collective Realms of Thavma towards Haven. At every moment in time, the Mysterial Field experiences infinite magical pressure exerted upon it from both the Thirteen Realms that surround, as well as the Outer Realms deeper within the Thavmatic Void. It will continually house and trap the greatest brunt of these eternal magical forces, with much more diluted remnants of these energies falling down to Haven proper. As a result of this endless entrapment of mythical forces, the Mysterial Field is the second-most magically concentrated force in existence, only lesser to that of Ambrosia's own Amaranth Veil.


Throughout the countless centuries Haven has been enveloped by the Mysterial Field, it has become an intrinsic facet to all life on the planet, as now without it, no life could possibly hope to flourish upon the planet. As consequence of the Mysterial Field's existence, contained within each and every lifeform of the world lies a specialized field of energy linked to it known as "Mana." Mana is the means by which a living entity is connected to the Mysterial Field that surrounds them, giving all who inhabit the world an inherent link to that of all other life upon the planet, regardless of any commonality in nature or origin as all are equally apart of the same mythical field of energy.

The amount of Mana contained within any one lifeform can vary depending on several factors. Sapient life, when compared to non-sapient life, has a much stronger link towards the Mysterial Field as a whole, and thus by default contains a significantly higher mana count. However, even amongst the sapient races of the world, the level of that connection is dependent on several factors such as what respective race they are, or what their parentage and ancestry may have been. In certain cases, a person may be born as an aberration and contain much more Mana than their race would typically command.

Beings born with substantial amounts of Mana are known by the collective world as "Magically Sensitive." The term of Magically Sensitive is in reference to their ability to manipulate the surrounding magical energies trapped within the Mysterial Field, allowing them to manifest innumerable magical effects upon the planet. Those who are Magically Sensitive are not only born with a higher Mana count than those who are not, thus making them able to manipulate the magical forces of the world, but they are also able to replenish and increase the amount of mana contained within them. The act of magical manipulation will drain the individual of their Mana, the severity of which being dependent on the respective level of manipulation. The potency of Magical Sensitivity can increase in an individual over time as their Mana count ever increases throughout, be it naturally, or by self-increasing. Those who are particularly magically sensitive are even able to hear the constant mythical humming sound the Mysterial Field itself produces, as the endless mass of power contained therein sings out in an infinite, majestic choir.


The Rings of Harmony labeled.

Haven has four rings encircling the planet, named the Rings of Harmony by the planet's collective inhabitants. The Rings of Harmony were created when an ancient moon of Haven, named "Harmony," entered the planet's Roche Limit, tearing the moon apart and thus forming the rings we see today. The rings themselves are mostly made up of iron rich rock, as Harmony's original core was almost entirely made of iron, this has given each ring a distinctive red coloring.

Close up view of the Ring Harmonia.

Ring Harmonia

The first and largest ring of Harmony, the Ring Harmonia is a massive thick ring of rock debris that orbits Haven in an encircling line of around fifty thousand kilometers squared. It is the most dense region of the Rings of Harmony, with most objects in the ring only orbiting at an average distance of around one hundred kilometers from each other, but as Haven's gravity keeps the debris in orbit, they do not collide with each other very often despite their close proximity.

Close up view of the Ring Armonia.

Ring Armonia

The second ring from Haven is the Ring Armonia. It, while holding a shorter diameter then the Ring of Harmonia, is still an impressive ring, spanning a distance of around thirty-eight kilometers squared. The orbital debris within this ring are fairly sparsely placed, with an average distance between them being around one thousand five hundred kilometers. However, the orbital debris that makes up the composition of the ring are the largest and thickest of all the rings, making it appear larger and more bold from space.

Close up view of the Ring Concordia.

Ring Concordia

The third respective ring of Haven, the Ring Concordia, is the only ring to not have formed from the destruction of the moon Harmony. Instead, many micrometeorite impacts upon debris located in the Ring of Armonia eventually formed a distinctive ring of small and thin dust. As a result, the Ring Concordia is both the thinnest and smallest of the planetary rings, only consisting of small dust particles around the size of a pebble.

Ring Garmoniya

Close up view of the Ring Garmoniya.

The fourth and final planetary ring, the Ring Garmoniya is the longest of the four rings, spanning an area of around two thousand kilometers squared, as well as having the second most dense population of debris, at an average distance between objects being around two hundred and fifty kilometers squared. Unlike the other rings, the debris of Garmoniya is mostly slate rock, lacking the rich iron its sister rings have in spades, leaving the ring almost invisible next to the blackness of space.

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