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The following is a list of sapient individuals that have made an impact in Haven's history throughout the ages:

Prime Ministers

Lakarda Lakvan - First Prime Minister


Cultural Heroes

William Tancard - The Wanderer

Portrait of William Tancard.

Champions of Haven Members (not complete)

Serendipity Lokkor - Keeper of Continuance

Portrait of Serendipity Lokkor.

Oblivion Mystara - The One True Heir


Tulip Bouquet - The Lovelord

Portrait of Tulip Bouquet.

Brief Description

Tulip Bouquet is widely considered to be the greatest hero to ever live within Haven's borders. His exploits on the planet are as numerous as the stars in the sky, saving the entire planet's population a thousand times over. As result of his deeds, Tulip has been immortalized across numerous local cultures throughout Haven, though due to actions he committed against the main governing body of Haven, open veneration of Tulip has been outlawed. As a result, Tulip has technically been outlawed from living on the planet, or even visiting in Hope System as a whole, though he often violates these laws as they are hardly ever enforced in full as Tulip's actions in service to Haven has caused the population to be more loyal to him then the Human Alliance's wishes.

It would take many years for Tulip to reach the status as a hero he now holds. Originally named "Michael Sizel," he was born almost exactly one hundred standard years after the Fall of Haven during the Human-Sanlagosa Wars. His parents, Lliam and Kassandra Sizel, were both considered to be amongst the richest individuals in the whole world, being one of the three richest houses on the island of Thelthiem. Eventually this would prove to be their down fall as their home would be ransacked by brigands, and they would be killed for attempting to fight back against their attacker. The Sizel mansion would also be set ablaze by the aforementioned assailants, ultimately being totally destroyed by the flames, leaving not but ash and ruin. Tulip himself, and his elder sister Lilac would be placed in the foster care system of the city of Tealrith, however they both would quickly be adopted by a one "Madame Poppy Dreammore" who was the head mistress of the Church of Amarinism at the time. Once placed within the church, Tulip would be made to dress and act excessively feminine as per the edicts of the faith, while also being placed within a quartet of other boys. His name would also be changed to that of the flower, Tulip, as all males who are inducted into Amarnisim are renamed to a flower of some sort.

Within the church, Tulip would be mistreated and in some cases, actively physically abused by his lay mothers, and these actions would be witnessed by a one "Judar Lothar" who himself visited the church fairly often in order to pay respects to his departed wife, who herself was a long time practitioner of the faith. After seeing this, Judar would take it upon himself to adopt the young Tulip and give him a home, separating him from his elder sister as she wished to remain for she was not mistreated at all, though Tulip himself would remain instilled with many of the teachings and values of the church. He would be taken under the former Hero's wing, and Tulip Bouquet would learn impeccable swordsmanship, as well as unlocking enhanced strength, speed, durability and agility.

At the age of eighteen, Tulip would leave his adoptive father and set off on his own, exploring the rebuilding world in an attempt to find his purpose, which at the time he felt was to assist as many people as he could like Judar did before him. He would set sail for the continent of Bariquel, meeting his greatest companion, Lucien Xiloscient almost immediately setting foot on the continent. Following their meeting the two would begin to travel with one another as they both left their respective homelands for similar reasons, and the two would begin their pursuit by helping in small tasks across the continent.

Through the months that followed, Tulip and Lucien would, through various series of events, make new companions in the form of Zo'Zima Wildfang, and Yolanda Nocturn, and the four of them would eventually stop a plot that threatened the whole of planet Haven set in motion by the followers of the long dead Lord Ekodaixus, an ancient entity that once ruled over the whole planet with an unstoppable army of undead. Through many hard fought battles, Tulip and the Hope's Arrow would defeat both the cult army, and Lord Ekodaixus himself. Afterwards, the four heroes would decide that if this one threat happened in this one land on Haven, who knew what other horrors' may be rising across the world, thus' they set off to other lands to protect the innocent, officially forming the "Hope's Arrow," a group of heroes to ensure the wounded Haven does not fall into chaos and destruction.

(More to come in Tulip Bouquet's article)

Lucien Xiloscient - Silver Prince of the Moonsblood

Portrait of Lucien.

Zo'Zima Wildfang - Bravest of All

Portrait of Zo'Zima Wildfang.

Yolanda Nocturn - Mistress of Relief

Portrait of Yolanda Nocturn.

Hyacinthus Helen - Mage of the Netherwinds

Portrait of Hyacinthus Helen.

Lekkmora Hollyflower - Daughter of the Abyss

Portrait of Lekkmora Hollyflower.

Basic Description

Lekkmora was result of an ancient entity named Eldizui'Akuholti'Ertriog'Zseriga'Ruiva'Vri'illllllog, though its name is better known to others as the "Wriggling Abyss." The Wriggling Abyss is a being of near infinite power that takes the appearance of a realm of infinite green intertwining tentacles. Occasionally the entity will make its influence known in material reality, usually attempting to gain control over mortals, offering them power for service. At various points, the Wriggling Abyss has been known to, using Psychokinesis, impregnate women of various races in order to create loyal progeny. Lekkmora's mother, a High Sylvian woman named Adia Hollyflower, would be one of these women. One day, she would find herself impregnated, which didn't make any sense, as her husband at the time was sterile. As result, her husband obviously believed she was engaging in infidelity, which she desperately tried to deny, but these cries of innocence fell on deaf ears. She would be left by her husband, and ejected from their shared home.

Eventually she would give birth to Lekkmora, though at birth she appeared as a mass of twitching tentacles, which would then mold themselves into the visage of a pale green Sylvian baby, with a strange tentacle tail. While obviously horrified, her fear became secondary for her motherly love for her daughter, and she would care for her very dearly. As she grew, Adia would self teach her daughter as she knew the local population would be put off by the strange green Sylvian whose hair looked of tentacles, along with her long tentacle tail. She would teach her morality, decency, the world around her and very basic spell casting, such as creating lights or lighting candles. However she had to remain isolated from the outside world, as her mother feared she would be ostracized by others.

At her teenage years, the Wriggling Abyss would begin to show its influence over her, unlocking her innate abilities granted to her by father. Along with her abilities, her father's will to dominate would begin to show, making her much more violent then she was before, and down right forceful with her mother, disobeying her from doing things that involved someone else other then the two of them, such as when she would become enamored with men. She would use her now awakening powers to scare them off, warning them that she would kill them if they disregarded these warnings. Due to this, her mother would have absolutely no one else in her life but her daughter, and she would grow a dependency on her.

Eventually, an elder half brother of her, by the name of Elkkivanddross sent a large spell of mental influence in the area, calling for all children of the Wriggling Abyss to come to his side, for he planned on unlocking the gates between the Abyss and physical reality. While mind controlled, Lekkmora would assist her kin in reawakening their father, and the Champions of Haven would, by the skin of their teeth, defeat Elkkivanddross and the mind controlled Lekkmora, and seal the Wriggling Abyss away from our existence. After the battle, the heroes of the Champions saw the inherent goodness and pain in her heart, as well as her unwillingness to commit these actions. They offered her place in the Champions, and she would instantly accept for companionship, and a better home for her mother.

Due to her immense natural and psychokinetic abilities, Lekkmora would quickly become one of the most powerful and effective members of the Champions of Haven, Along with her power, her more heroic and gentle nature would slowly, but surely emerge, and she would come to care for her friends and fellows immensely. Most notably, she has held a long sought and sadly unrequited attraction to one of her leaders, Tulip Bouquet. At the current age, Lekkmora has been heralded as one of Haven's greatest defenders, and her long tentacles have been used in many pieces of cultural art and iconography across Haven, standing as a symbol of protection against evil.

(More to be added in Lekkmora Hollyflower's article)

Viridi Maiorem - Weaver of Causality

Portrait of Viridi Maiorem.

Lilac Bouquet - Flower Daughter of Love

Portrait of Lilac Bouquet.

Zinnia Bouquet - Replica of the Flower

Portrait of Zinnia Bouquet.

Vidomeya Nari - The Immortal

Portrait of Vidomeya Nari.

"Ba'Jurio holds no more regret for the loss of Ba'Jurio's Boy. Ba'Jurio's Boy knows his father loved him, and Ba'Jurio knows his son loved him. Ba'Jurio now only feels grateful for the time he and his boy spent together, and Ba'Jurio would not trade that feeling for anything."-Ba'Jurio Wildfang.

Ba'Jurio Wildfang - Beast of Peace

Portrait of Ba'Jurio Wildfang.

Brief Description

Ba'Jurio Wildfang was once a lone father living in the forest of Leaf's Lament with his son who is only known by the title given by his father, "Ba'Jurio's Boy." Ba'Jurio and his son would form a close bond with one another, and around the time of his son's fifteenth birthday, the Sanlagosa set themselves upon the planet of Haven. Sadly, Ba'Jurio's Boy would be among those killed during the Fall of Haven. As the planet burned, a Sanlagosa would come across the pair and would wrap its hand around the boy's throat and snap his neck in two, as the Sanlagosa in question grew infuriated at the two beasts who were both panicking at the destruction happening around them. Immediately afterwards, Ba'Jurio went in a blind fury and pummeled the culprit into a gore pile. This event left him a feral beast for several years, as he wandered across the land, attacking any humanoid thing that came across him. Throughout the months of battle, many wounds and scars would be left across his body, leaving him extremely battered and worn.

Eventually, he came across the Elder Wizard Granius, who himself was deaf. Ba'Jurio lunged himself at Granius and would scream a mighty roar at him, however due to both his lack of hearing, and immense power, he didn't even flinch. Taken aback, Ba'Jurio would pause, then begin another scream, only to be interrupted by the wizard scratching him in the back of the head, then continuing his walk. Confused, Ba'Jurio would follow him, and whenever the wizard turned around, Ba'Jurio would do something to try and scare him, like beat his chest, roar or smash a tree, but Granius would only look back and smile, then continue walking. At the end of the walk, the Wizard made his way back to his home, and he would sit at the end of his deck, the battered ape standing in front of him, snarling and foaming with fury. The Wizard then moves his hands towards him, and Ba'Jurio would back away, as a white energy erupted from his hands. However, a feeling of pleasantry and relief washed over his body, as the many scars that littered his body disappeared, making him feel rejuvenated for the first time in years. As the spell faded, Granius would smile at Ba'Jurio, and for the first time in as long as he can remember, the feeling of anger faded from his mind, and he would hold onto the Wizard, weeping deeply as up until' that point he was not expressing grief in the right way, only using anger to hide from the pain of loss.

Afterwards, Ba"Jurio would remain with Granius, as the Wizard made his obvious fondness for the ape known to him. Through the Wizard, Ba'Jurio would slowly learn to channel his anger, pain and hatred into a positive force, using it in service to the forest and the animals that dwell within it. It took many years, many struggles, harsh discipline and humility, but Ba'Jurio would finally learn to find inner peace within himself, finally allowing the pain left over by his son's passing to leave his soul, while keeping the love he felt for him within his heart. Along with training of the soul, Granius would teach him rudimentary Psychokinesis, as well how to communicate with others telepathically, as that is how the Wizard himself spoke to people. However, the most major skill the Wizard would teach Ba'Jurio is the ability to Psychokinetically alter his physical form, allowing him to change his body in a myriad of ways, unlocking numerous powers and abilities he otherwise could not have preformed.

Later on, Ba'Jurio would follow a trail of death and destruction left in the wake of a mysterious giant creature who was rampaging across Leaf's Lament at the time. This creature was Zo'Zima Wildfang, great hero of Haven, who fell victim of to her inner beast form, tearing apart the forest and ripping mountains in half, cleaving through any living thing unfortunate to stand in her way. As Ba'Jurio approached Zo'Zima, she would lunge herself at him, causing a massive shockwave of destruction to wring out all around her. She landed in front of him in a massive shockwave, screaming into his face with enough force to launch trees from their roots. However, Ba'Jurio would stand there, unflinching, giving her a smile, a small scratch on the back of the head, then turn and walk away. Zo'Zima's beast form would be extremely confused by this and would slowly follow, her footsteps shaking the earth as she did. Each time Ba'Jurio turned to look at her, she would show a show of force, smashing rocks, trees and the land itself, snarling at Ba'Jurio to try and shake him. But his face remained the same, smiling at her and continuing on his way.

As the walked dragged on, Ba'Jurio's uncaring attitude kept Zo'Zima's demented mind interested, and this interest in the unfearing creature before her lasted long enough for her transformation to end. After ended, Ba'Jurio would help the dazed and confused Zo'Zima through Leaf's Lament, as he knew the way very well. As they journeyed, Ba'Jurio and Zo'Zima would grow very close, as Ba'Jurio passed the teachings of his own mentor, Granius, on how one can achieve inner peace with one's own anger. At the tail-end of their walk, Zo'Zima would ask if Ba'Jurio remain with her, as she grew extremely fond of him through their shared bond of anger and loss, offering him a place within the Champions of Haven. Ba'Jurio, wanting to continue to be at Zo'Zima's side, as well as his general desire to protect the world at large, accepted her offer and joined the group of heroes. Once he joined, the bound between the two would grow even more, with Zo'Zima regarding Ba'Jurio as an uncle-like figure, with Ba'Juiro himself adopting the "Wild Fang" name as his own respective last name.

(More to be added in Ba'Jurio Wildfang's article)

Shinhara "Starboy" Zaebea - Son of Zazriel

Star Dude.png

Brief Description

Shinhara Zaebea, better known as Starboy by the members of the Champions of Haven, is considered to be one of the newest members. He is widely known for his high intelligence, expertise in engineering, great perseverance, and high charisma. While he holds no inherent psychokinetic abilities, it is thought that his bodily modifications and technology has placed him on par with other members of the Champions of Haven. Being a less involved member of the Champions, Shinhara is known to aid with regional disasters, especially those which are committed against Haven's environment. He has served in the Champions of Haven for several years, being initiated after battling Lekkmora Hollyflower, and being deemed worthy shortly after. Much of Shinhara's modern day life has consisted of helping with any regional predicaments, and protecting the greater environment of Haven. Shinhara, with his high level of intelligence and proficiency in engineering, has been able to construct numerous technologies which have aided him. In the end, Shinhara has for all intents and purposes given himself virtual immortality. Numerous modifications to his organs and body have made him much more powerful and resilient than his base form.

Shinhara was born in a small jungle community in Zazriel, nineteen years before the Fall of Haven. As a child, Shinhara would constantly tinker with appliances, technology, and flaunt his high intelligence. He was also a proficient artist and held a distinctive love towards nature and astronomy. Staring into the sky, tending to flora, and taking care of fauna were some of his best ways to pass time. He tried to integrate technology with nature at every turn, thinking of methods to hopefully integrate the big cities into wonderlands for the sapient and non sapient species of Haven. However, all of his ideas and hopes would come to a close, as the Fall of Haven wreaked havoc over daily life, soon traumatizing Shinhara as he watched a Sanlagosa murder his parents in front of him. He would run away from his home, deep into the forests of Haven with nothing but his intelligence. While he very much feared them, Shinhara would internally vow to kill all Sanlagosa when he was ready.

As the turmoil of the Fall of Haven went on, Shinhara would acclimate to a solitary life, soon stumbling on a smaller, rag-tag community of several thousand refugees named The Glimmer-Deep Rehabilitation Zone. Existing in a series of hidden and protected caverns, the people would reside with little bits of technology, scraps rom Sanlagosa assaults. Shinhara would live there for many days, living as a scavenger in relative poverty. What he lacked in material wealth, he held in his friends and his skills. He taught numerous people how to reforge and improve technology, which would not only help the settlement, but it would be integrated to the cavernous environment. Shinhara would also use any of his remaining technology to help augment willing people, which he thought would provide resistance in the case of a Sanlagosa raid. With his great improvements to the life in such deep caverns, Shinhara was elected as the governor of the Glimmer-Deep Rehabilitation Zone It was only a few days after did the worst come to pass. After a series of sweeps from local Sanlagosa craft, they ended up detecting the Glimmer-Deep Exclusion Zone in the field of tropical thickets. A regional raid was conducted, and Shinhara saw as the population of his settlement was slaughtered. One by one, Shinhara would once again see the ones close to him fall to the hands of the enemy. With his rage burning deep inside, Shinhara would go forth to lead a resistance against the Sanlagosa to minimal effect. Shinhara ended up injuring two, then killing one weakened Sanlagosa before being attacked and nearly killed. Shinhara's final vivid memories of the moment consisted of him gazing out to the entrance of the Glimmer-Deep Rehabilitation Zone, seeing as his beloved forest was being burned down in a fiery reign of terror. Rage scalded his soul.

It would be after several years did Shinhara recuperate. Bearing the scars of the attack, he took the six remaining survivors and effectively became a scavenger again, fighting to the right to live every day. It was only with his intellect did any of his group survive, though he did bear witness to more death from starvation. By the time Shinhara arrived at deep jungle thickets, it was just him and a close friend named Rodolf Livlia. Shinhara and Rodolf would once again live in the jungles of Zazriel, existing as nomadic scavengers for several more years. During this time, Shinhara had found the ruins of an old bastion, taking its technology and utilizing it to the fullest. Promising to keep Rodolf and himself alive, he systematically created two large suits of armor, which were nicknamed the "Sheaths of Haven" Rodolf and Shinhara would later develop a closer relationship, temporarily becoming lovers before deciding that friendship and brotherhood was more practical. While the Fall of Haven was long over, Shinhara and Rodolf did not know. They would continue to live a cautious and isolationist life, garnering tidbits of technology. It would be through decades of hard work would both Shinhara and Rodolf rest, fully believing that they would live the rest of their days together. However, another disaster struck, in the form of disease. Rodolf would one day become very ill, succumbing to disease as Shinhara tried everything he could to keep Rodolf alive. In the final weeks of Rodolf's human life, Shinhara would construct a very rudimentary machine, which would store his conscience, allowing Rodolf to live without the impediments of biological life. After an utmost dangerous operation and the near death of Rodolf and possibly Shinhara, his conscience was transferred in very good condition.

With not much left to do, Shinhara would eventually decide to leave his old confines, attempting to find more urban settlements. He would say goodbye to his old home, packing everything he needed with Rodolf. They would set off on a multi-week adventure, ending up on the coast of Zazriel and finding a series of small towns, which were still recovering from the Fall of Haven. After making himself at home in the outskirts, Shinhara would live with Rodolf and occasionally meet with the townsfolk, to spread his knowledge and stories. With a general improvement to his life, Shinhara thought he could finally rest in his small townhouse near the thickets of Zazriel. Even so, chaos would not let Shinhara go. Only months in his calm town life, the forest near his location was set ablaze by natural disasters. Shinhara, not wanting to see any more destruction, used his technology to dampen the flames, though he was rather unsuccessful. It was only then did he get a break, as Tulip Bouquet came to fully cease the fire through his masterful hydrokinesis. Soon enough, Tulip would notice Shinhara's acts of heroism, and then consider him as a member of the Champions of Haven, after hearing about his life and heroism. Tulip and Shinhara would become very close friends from there after. He was given the nickname of "Starboy" by Tulip, with Shinhara's love for the stars and nature being very striking to him. Eventually, Shinhara was thought to be eligible to join the Champions of Haven, where he rests today.

Rhys Sanctra - Haven's Spearhand

Portrait of Rhys Sanctra shortly after joining

Brief Description

Rhys Sanctra (also known as "Haven's Spearhead") is a human member of the Champions of Haven. He is one of the newest members to join the organization in 99,981 CE. He is widely known for the use of a powerful and seemingly unique spear of unclear origin or name. He changes the name nigh-daily. The most common names are "Volcan's Finest," "Roaring Tide," "Aloha Oe," "Requiem of Silence," and "Parhelion." He is a normal human in all aspects apart from his bond with this spear. The spear is always on his person despite it even being separated from him by great distances. He was initiated after a battle with Oblivion Mystara. He was deemed worthy in both that battle and a previous battle with Jun Takanashi in which is nearly died attempting to save another aspiring champion. He spends most of his time as a champion training to one day overcome any enemy he may face. When not training, he often spends his time walking through the streets, usually through more crime-heavy areas.

The exact location of Rhys' birth is also unknown. He refuses to disclose the circumstances of his birth, the identity of his parents, or his family. He was most likely born on Haven, although it is likely that he was born in any number of systems adjacent to it. When asked, he commonly responds, "let the past die already." The earliest point of his life that is known is his discovery of his spear. He originally claimed that he simply found it one day, but, as of recently, he claimed that it was cast down from heaven and nearly decapitated him on its way down. He occasionally claimed it was made of "a fragment of the Great Unifier." He mostly spent his time ignoring the spear, often disturbed at the fact it seemed to follow him. No matter where he left it, it was always easily accessible. He first used it as a weapon when he was 15 years old against a Sanglosa he thought he recognized from photos as a famous general. It was not, he was unable to tell Sanglosa apart at the time and still lacks the ability to this day. He killed the Sanglosa behind a store in a small town. The local sheriff, already distrustful of the individual and alive to see the attack on Haven, did not even have the young Sanctra arrested. He went on to join a local militia as a reserve soldier for Haven's army.

In the militia he quickly gained a reputation as "Haven's Spearhead." Using his anomalous spear, he became the best soldier in that particular militia. He often told fantastical stories about his various feats using the spear. His reputation became feared enough to gain respect from many of the locals. Growing bold, he began facing more and more challenging opponents. He ventured to Free-Haven in an attempt to further increase his reputation. There, he met one Lorelei Drusus-Avana. (unfinished)

Notable Figures in Haven History (not complete)

Anna Novum - The Cold's Chosen


Mace - The Immortal Red Dragon


Syx Corsage and Seven Novum - Saviors of Haven


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