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"Ah yes, a cultural center of the Federation, and the Homeworld of one of the most important species to ever roam the Jewel Cluster. I do now know how the Federation would look like without them" -Unknown Admiral


Havonis, also known as Havonis Prime and often incorrectly called Hanovis, is a terrestrial Planet located in the southern sectors of the Jewel Cluster of the Eulciar Galaxy in Amoeni Space. The Planet is also the Homeworld of the Havonian Species, a well-known species within the Cluster, and a Founding Member of the Federation of Free Jewel Systems.

Havonis is a quite large world, being over 15,980 Kilometers. The Planet is known for its grasslands, its warm climates and beautiful oceans. A standard day is 22 hours, while a year is 324 days.

Early History

Not much is known about Havonis in its early days, as the Havonians did not bother to write down their rise, but we do know that the species had some sort of civil war, as craters of Artillery shells can be seen in many regions, including the Flatlands and the Fort of Maripo, which was built as protection from their Enemies. The absolute earliest we know of Havonian history is contact with other planets around 5,000 CE, with space travel archived in the early 10,000 CE.

FFJS Founder Member

The NJSA, or Nothern Jewel Systems Alliance is well known for using Terror, almost suicidal tactics against its neighboring worlds, and Havonis, as well as other nearby worlds, such as Magnillion and Coursillius were targeted by NJSA Fleets. Tired of the non-stop attacks, The Volkania and Magnillion Sectors which comprised of 20-star systems joined forces to become the Alliance of Free Worlds Against Konov (The Enemy Capital), or AFWAK, which eventually renamed itself to the Federation of Free Worlds, and once again to the current name of Federation of Free Jewel Systems.

Modern Day

Havonis continues to be an essential planet in the Federation, being an important financial center. Havonians also make up a large number of the Security Forces population. Havonian designers at Anarvis Yards also designed the Havonian Cruisers, an essential ship in any Federation Fleet.

Habitation Stations near Havonis, with one of its moons nearvy