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The Heiron System is located in Avana, in Herschel Space under the influence of the Lewis Nations. It belongs to the Intergalactic Federation and it the home system of the special Raivo Species. The Planets of the System orbit a Dwarf Orange Star and most of them are Gas Giants. The most peculiar about the system is the nature of the rings of such Gas Giants.

The system is made of 7 Planets, of which 2 are Rocky Worlds (one having rings) and 5 are Gas Giants (2 of which have rings). Moons and Rings are settled by the Raivo, while the Rocky Worlds and some Gas Dome stations are settled by Humans.

The total population of the System is 51 Billion, of which the Raivo are 39 Billion, Humans 7 Billion, 2 Billion are Zvern and 1 Billion other Aliens, mostly from the Malaskan Triumvirate.

Heiron Star and its Planet. Number 4 is Kandrakar, number 5 Retoria and number 7 is Zerun.

  • Kandrakar: It's a reddish planet, of the rocky type. The fourth planet from it's Star. It is inhabited mostly by Humans and Zvern, and is a former member of the Intergalactic Federation. It holds most of the Human population in the system. The total inhabitants make 11 Billion. It is a rather arid and rocky world, and was in the past a flourishing Telusian Colony, that entered decadence. The current ring is believed to have been a moon destroyed in some sort of cataclysm and this incident seems to have created the current ecosystem of the planet. It was inhabited by Human runaways and people taken from the lower echelons of society. It was in Kandrakar rings that Humanity made contact with the Raivo species, when they made contact with the colony of Ivilon. The total Raivo population in Kandrakar's rings is currently, 6 Billion.
  • Retoria: It's a massive Gas giant, with a complex ecosystem in its rings. Its the Homeworld of the Raivo species, who evolved in the Gas Giant Rings, as they were brought by the Telusian Civilization as Slaves to extract the minerals and harvest the Tisanda flower. The total population in the Gas Giant Rings is 21 Billion.
  • Zerun: It's the second most populated world, a colony of the Raivo who migrated to its rings and settled here, setting several domes here, prospering in large numbers. 12 Billion.

The rest of the System has a total population of 1 Billion humans who live mostly in military, mining, chemical, industrial or scientific--research colonies spred all over, the other 4 Planets of the System.


The System was settled by the Telusians, who settled the temperate terra lush world of Kandrakar, that they called Ri'baur. They used this planet as a base for Industry, military production, agriculture and also as a center of worship to one of their gods. From here, they ruled the entire system, and sent millions of slaves to work in the Asteroid Mines and harvest the Tisanda Flower, out of the Rings of Zerun and Retoria.

The precestor species who would later give origin to the Raivo was brought to work in the Rings. With the decay of the Telusian Civilization, the conflicts of power and the break of the Civilization into minor entities, it is believed that Kandrakar was the capital of one of those entities and at some point it was heavily attacked. This lead to the destruction of one of its moons that formed a ring around the planet and caused a mass extinction event in Kandrakar from which, up to this day, it hasn't fully recovered. This destroyed the lush fauna causing the planet to be mostly arid and dry, with deserts and savanna like vegetation.

The Slaves in the Rings revolted then against the Telusians causing them to died or leave the rings, expelling them from the System. The ancestors of the Raivo in Zerun did not recover and died off. Nevertheless, the ancestors of the Raivo in the Rings of Retoria, managed to survive and thrive in such a harsh environment, learning much from the ancient telusians. However, they evolved to become the Raivo, coping with the low gravity and the radiation. Once adapted well to the rings of Retoria, they could not set foot on rocky worlds.

Somewhere in the early 42 088 CE they started an expansion towards the Rings of Zerun, becoming a colony of the world of Retoria. By 50 220 CE they expanded to the Rings of Kandrakar, a world that in the old legends of the Raivo seems to be associated with evil and is related to superstitions. By 55 011 CE the first human colony is set in Kandrakar, and by 55 310 CE the Humans make contact with the Raivo. In the year 55 561 CE the Raivo are taken under the protection of the Federation and are integrated in it. In 56 719 CE they enter the Federation as part of the recently created Edai Associated Worlds, a Nation within the Federation made of Humans and Aliens.

Rest of the System

The other planets of the system are pretty much uninhabited with population being very scattered on several domes all across those planets making in all a total populatiom of 1 Billion. Most of it military personel and Research scientists but also some low key miners, privateers and pirates even