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"One of the Thirteen Founders, this mining world is the only arid world of them all. Its people are hard and resistant but good and hospitable to outsiders, because when a sandy storm is about to come, there are no enemies or threats, if you do want to survive. This planet apparent lethal environment is however an exotic beauty to admire and it can hide delicious treasuries and wonders where it seems it cannot. The Melae Fungus comes from here, thanks to whom millions of lives have been saved" - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian.

Is an Arid World, that lies within the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into Herschel Space. The planet is located in the Ravara System, and is one of the thirteen founding members of The Intergalactic Federation.

It's famous for its mining industry. It has a mostly arid climate, with large deserts in the equator area, although mild hot areas are located in the north and south hemispheres. Informatics, Mining, Factory production, tourism, agriculture and energy production are the main economic sectors of Helios.

The Inhabitants of this planet have a peculiar culture, and are lovers of gold and silver. They love to wear elaborate hairstyles and wear always bright colors, such as pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, violet etc.. Although wealthy, it is one of the least populated and least important of the Core thirteen founders of the Nation. Still, is importance is rather symbolic and this world holds a special place in all I.F citizen's heart.

It was settled by refugees from the War between the Empire of Mankind and the Union. These settlers were amongst the most affected by the War and thus didn't really choose the Planet they colonized but rather looked for a safed refuged. It was one of the last 13 colonies to be settled.

This Planets holds several war planets, that can reach up to 60 degrees or more in the warmest areas, the core centers of the large deserts that cover most of the planet. Still, the average is 50-55 degrees in the most deserts. Some other areas of the planet can hold between 30 to 50 degrees, and some areas, like the central plains or the coasts, can be even lower, at 24 degrees. The areas with lower temperatures hold the largest populations as well as the main vegetation regions, adding even more need for the population to settled this areas. Savannas and Mediterranean like vegetation are abundant in places were temperatures are around 20-30 degrees. Also the coastline tends to have lower temperatures and many cities lie within the coast.

Culture and Society


Fauna and Flora

The Melae Fungus is a delicacy from the planet, used in many dishes. Still, its spores are used for medical purposes, being used in the Pharmaceutical companies to cure many diseases. Large Farms dedicated to the cultivation of the Melae Fungus can be seen all over the planet.