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The Helyar-Byutix System is a major binary star system located in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. It is the acting most major capital system for the United Federation of Star Systems, and is one of the capital systems for the Confederacy of Borealis. The Helyar-Byutix System is comprised of the two stars, Helyar and Byutix, the latter of which orbits at a far distance from Helyar. The Helyar-Byutix System is most notable revered for its two terrestrial planets, Aegyn and Olaris. These worlds, being the center of attraction for the Helyar-Byutix System, have since become very well known in the scope of planetary bodies. Currently, there exist 14 planets in the Helyar-Byutix System, with a majority, eight, appearing around Helyar. Byutix on the other hand holds six planetary bodies.


The Helyar-Byutix System, to its innermost parts, holds five planets. namely, these planets are Shosturan, Icaron, Vyrullian, Aegyn, and Olaris. In the outer Helyar System, there are three gaseous worlds, which are Sakurelle, Exriel, and Zepyai. Beyond Zepyai lies an assemblage of various debris, space stations, and sparsely inhabited areas known colloquially as the Celestial Junkyard. Beyond Helyar's confines lies the Byutix System, which, as previously mentioned, holds five planetary bodies. They are listed as Simud, Heuser, Kashish, Azaa, Delkash, and Orethus. Sprinkled through the entire system, there are many stations which hold a massive portion of the population of the system.

Planetary Bodies - In Detail

Brief Description

Shosturan is the first major body in the Helyar System, and exists as a burning gaseous planet, orbiting very close to Helyar. Typically, Shosturan is known for its striking and unique appearance, as well as its network of mining arrays around the planet itself. Shosturan has no current moons, with all of them being stripped away and used for resources. The remains of any former mons have been formed into a thin dust ring, which gives the planet more recognition in its uniqueness. While historically, mining on Shosturan has been remarkably profitable, it is now almost entirely depleted hydrogen. It has since been mostly been abandoned.

Shosturan, with even its core depleted, has slowly been losing its magnetic field and is currently shrinking. It is estimated to take almost one million years to shrink entirely. Various plans have been proposed to make the dead mass of Shosturan useful, mostly involving using it to feed a black hole, but lack of interest has killed almost every project.

Brief Description

Icaron is the second planet in the Helyar System. Due to its incredibly high temperatures (well over 750 C) and incredibly thick atmosphere, the planet is partially covered in molten rocks. The planet is fairly resource-poor and is mostly made of silicates. With no volcanism taking place within the last several million years. The highest mountains melting over time, the planet is remarkably smooth, with variation of less than ten meters across the planet. It has an atmosphere made mostly of carbon and sulfur dioxides that has been slowly escaping it, without outside intervention, the planet will end up with no atmosphere within another million years.

The planet is the site of various small settlements deep underground, closer to the cold, dead core. Currently travel via its several orbital rings is preferred.

Brief Description

Vyllurian is the third major body in the Helyar System, and exists as a deep oceanic planet, almost scalding to humans. Vyllurian is hot enough to be uncomfortable to most forms of life. Humans introduced life onto the planet in 1907 CE. This life mostly consisted of anaerobic bacteria, given that the atmosphere was mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen. In more shallow areas, humans released photosynthetic bacteria genetically modified to be better suited for the water (which at its hottest is 75 degrees celsius, but is usually around 50 degrees celsius). The life quickly began flourishing on this virgin world, soon occupying every area on the planet. It became hospitable to humans in 2109 CE all without significant intervention besides the introduction of this life.

The water on the planet is hot enough to cause scalding in species not specifically adapted to these conditions. In polar regions, however, one could comfortably swim in the water as though it were a bath, especially given an average depth of one and a half meters in these regions. They are filled with kelp and even some atolls formed by corals introduced from Aegyn. Polar regions, especially in the winter when water-temperatures can reach as low as 25 degrees Celsius, are popular tourist destinations for those that can afford the entrance fairs. The planet is mostly closed off to the outside and is officially controlled by what is suspected to be a criminal organization masquerading as an environmental protection organization.

Aegyn & Olaris
Brief Description

Aegyn and Olaris orbit each other in a very close binary, becoming the fourth major body in the Helyar System. Olaris, while being slightly less massive than Aegyn, is also slightly larger. The tidal forces between the two have caused them to be tidally locked with each other, a trait that served the construction of a space elevator between them. Aegyn is the homeworld of humanity, with Olaris being the first world humans colonized.

Brief Description

Sakurelle, the fifth body from Helyar, is the indisputable jewel of the system. The swirling amaranth clods and massive cobalt rings are some of the most striking features of the system. It is the second largest planet in the system; only Exriel is larger. However, Sakurelle is known for its incredibly powerful magnetic field, which is strong enough to create massive aurorae on itself and the largest few of its moons.

Sakurelle's moons are among some of the strangest around Helyar. Oceans of methane exist on its closest moon, Svaelamr. Caewyn, a small gaseous moon barely larger than Vyllurian, is often called 'Sakurelle's Heavenly Knight' and is a rare gas dwarf moon. Sakurelle's only habitable moon, Nusti, has 2 submoons.

Sakurelle is the economic heart of the Helyar system. Countless commercial O'Neill Cylinders float among the rings, offering everything from advanced everyday technologies to high-end real estate. No matter what one may wish to buy, it's likely being sold from around Sakurelle.

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