Hephaestus (catalogued as 71 Tauri c) is a searing gas planet orbiting the star Adephaga 146 light-years from Aegyn. Its most notable moon is the D-Class Hell'OBen, similar to Tyche, the first planet from its system.


Hephaestus was discovered in 2296 CE by human exoplanet telescopes, the gas giant was mostly written off as not really worth too much study, as it is an average gas giant. However, it became more well known after the Warp Drive was invented, and missions to the world came into the limelight.

Discovery of a hellish object named Hell'OBen sparked even more colonization and tourism to the Adephaga System and colonies were built on nearby moons in 2407 CE.


There isn't much to say about how this planet formed, as it did the same way as any other typical gas giant. However, it's important to say that 120 million years ago, its gravitational pull made it gain much more mass as three former planets & dwarf planets came so close that they collided and then were “swallowed” Hephaestus. Hell'OBen was captured in 92 million BCE, leaving the binary pair with Tyche. The UFSS would later claim the system in late 24th Century CE.

Physical Properties

There is not much worthy of note about this gas giant, other than its massive electrical storms throughout the atmosphere. Lightning the size of multiple planets can be sometimes seen by the research station in orbit around Hell'OBen. Interestingly enough, a full year on Hephaestus is only 8 days shorter than an Earth year.

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