Heracles is a very massive and highly prominent gas giant, located in the Zeus Star System. Heracles is the only planet in the entire system, and rightfully so. Heracles is famed for its ring system, which appears to be the largest selection of rings in the galaxy. These rings, over 179,500,000 km in diameter, are the primary source of tourism of the system, and it has brought Heracles unlimited amounts of attention.

As infrastructure was established to Heracles, corporations had the idea of promoting tourism and company representation, using Heracles as a kind of advertisement platform. It very much succeeded, and thousands of colonists were willing to go go Heracles to research and colonize.

Later on, as the United Federation of Star Systems grew, Heracles was cornered off and limited access was allowed. This was because of some new scientific discoveries were made, involving an intricate ring system. Scientists also tested the delicacy of this ring system, and it was deemed unstable. As a result, corporations had to pull out for a few momentary years.

As internal colonization and research was being conducted, even more infrastructure was being put into place. There was also the discovery a major moon, named Unalides, which was detected in the deep crevices of Heracles' ring system. It is known that this moon is rather young, and holds a lesser dense dusty surface. This did not stop colonization, and Unalides has since become an ecumenopolis.

Ring System

The rings of Heracles from a top-down perspective. The A-B rings are barely visible, while the C-H rings are more or less tangible. The final ring, the H ring, is separated by a massive gap. The planet itself is but a dot against its rings.

The ring system of Heracles is no question. It is the largest known ring system of any body in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, and has kept its stability for many millennia. Over the 197 thousand years of extensive colonization, most of the rings around Heracles have remained intact, thanks to precise colonization and restoration efforts. Moonlets have also formed in this ring system, forming and disappearing over the course of its cataloged lifespan.

Heracles' rings in proportion to its orbit. Individual rings are barely visible, but the entire construct appears to be massive.

There are eight major ringed sections around Heracles, designated from A-H. The A to C rings are the closest and densest, and happen to contain a large amount of people in orbital constructs. The D-F rings are less popular, but are less disturbed by manmade influence, which makes them better for sightseeing. The G-H rings are admittedly dim and a bit unnoteworthy, though they are the least disturbed rings of the entire array.

In the gaps of these rings, massive space stations have been placed reserved areas, and have slowly added or maintained the gaps in Heracles' rings. These usually contain millions of people, who are either here to stay or passing by as tourists. The intricacy of Heracles' ring system has marveled countless people, to the point where local sightseeing companies have exploded in profits.

Sedruan Artifacts

In the innermost rings of Heracles, there used to lie a massive array of enigmatic technology, since lost and disintegrated to time. Before its destruction and removal, it was noted that these were of Sedruan origin, which suggests that Sedruans took influence of Heracles and created a massive construct. The modern Sedruan government has made hardly any comments about this, seemingly oblivious to their past.

What is known is that the Sedruans of long ago colonized and fully took over the area around Heracles, and created a massive space station. It is theorized that the rings of Heracles could be a massive Sedruan art display, with its intricacy and unusual size. They have since remained as a stable and peculiar decorative landmark for observers. Considering that Sedruan property existed around Heracles, the nation petitioned for a CUEN embassy to exist around the planet. After the War of the Ancients, the request was approved, and Heracles became one of few Commonwealth embassies in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy.

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