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Hermes is a planet from the Binary Seia System, orbiting Seia B, on the Iskadi Galaxy, located in the Chrysos Arm, in the Alba Quadrant, very close to the border with the Muriel Quadrant. It is as well inside Herschel Space and the Lewis Nation's territory. It was colonized by the Intergalactic Federation and is the oldest, most populated and important planet in the entire I.F space in the region. It is as well, and due to its population, the capital of the nation in the Galaxy, serving as the main hub for federal planets in Iskadi. It's also the first colonized world by the I.F forces in the galaxy.

The Planet is known for being a Economic hub, with Insurances services, Finance-Banking and Military equipment as the main activities. Most of it's economy is centered around services.


The planet was colonized in the early 112 264 CE as an illegal territory by Intergalactic federal settlers who came to the galaxy during the early stages of colonization, led mostly by the Empire and the United Alliance.

The area were Hermes was located, was claimed by the Empire, however it was far from its core recently founded worlds. Little by little, even if illegal, the colony kept growing and the planet kept being populating itself. Soon they expanded into their system and the nearby ones.

The Empire kept protesting as what it seemed as an illegal process of colonization in the Lewis Council. The problem soon reached the United Alliance claimed territory, when Intergalactic settlers started expanding over it. This caused as well some friction between the two. Tension in Iskadi had also been going on among the U.A and the Empire, so the three were on an ongoing cold war in the Galaxy. It was then that several other nearby worlds were encountered by Hermesians and colonist from Hermes expanded over them causing even more outrage.

Later, as it was inevitable, the three powers gathered to discuss the frontiers and borders of the Galaxy. It was known as The treaty of the Moon of Eia, established in 112,455 CE. It allowed the borders of the three human nations to be defined. After that, around 14% of the Galaxy was granted to the I.F, which sent other settlers and colonist to colonize new habitable worlds that had fallen within their territory. Hermes, however, as the main biggest economical center, soon attracted most of the I.F immigration into the Galaxy, creating a vast disparity between Hermes and the other I.F world in Iskadi.

Ancient Civilizations

Jeket Civilization

This world was an outer colony of the Jeket Civilization, who seemed to have had an important significance in Religion for them. However, it was on the outskirts of their territory. It seems to have had a considerable population, specially for the outer Jeket colonies, but smaller than their Central Galactic worlds. It's economy seems to have been focus on military, Manufacturing, Religious Services, Food production and farming. At its height, the population seems to have been around 10 billion. Due to the war between the Jeket and their extragalactic invaders, known as the Vemex by them, and by Humanity nowadays ( or Ohie, as the Vemex called themselves) it was pretty much abandoned.

Those who remained, died out due to the conflict or enslaved by the Vemex.

Vemex Civilization

The planet was occupied by the Vemex invaders, who replace it with their own religion buildings and used the planet as one of the main trading and exporting ports in and out of the Galaxy. It was a slave outpost, and many enslave Jeket from the core worlds were taken to the planet. It served as the Military base of the Vemex in the Outer region of the Iskadi Galaxy. It was never of interest for them to massively settled the region although some did and large populations have been found here. The Jeket seemed to have been pulled of the Planet by the Vemex. Massive suicide Jeket tombs have been found as well, as an indicator that they prefered to kill themselves than fall to the enemy. Soon after, the Vemex went extinct alongside the remaining Jekets, with what seems to have been a bioweapon, a desperate attempt to get rid of the Vemex by the Jeket. Sadly both races went into extinction (Although some basic forms are still though as primitive descendants of them both).


The Planet has 4 moons, known as Silla, Aroda, Kuis, a rather cold atmosphere, but some areas towards the equator are covered in lush jungles. The Northern areas are either continental, oceanic and tundric.

It has 5 continents: Tegana, Orkasia, Tibaku, Maidon and Budai. The Oceans are three, and are known as the Tohen Ocean, the Lavis Ocean and the Ricasian Ocean.

  • Tegana: Its the main continent, holding the largest city and the economic center of the Planet. Its mostly focused on Services and Manufacturing. The Climate in the region is oceanic and continental, with a large humid forests towards the southern area. Its total population is 18 Billion
  • Orkasia: Holds the oldest settlement, and the Second biggest city. It is home to important economic activities, related to military, manufacturing, health and pharmaceuticals. To a lesser extend it produces as well services related to Tourism, banking and services. The continent is rather oceanic and continental in climate with a colder tundric area towards the north. The population is 16 Billion.
  • Tibaku: Has the third biggest city and the Official Capital of Hermes, and thus the Intergalactic Federation's sector in the Iskadi, however, administrative offices have been scattered into Orkasia and Tegana to appease their protests. Services, Agriculture and Manufacturing are important activities here. Its climate is overwhelmingly oceanic and tundric. 14 Billion people make this continent their home.
  • Maidon: Its mostly based on Energy production, Tourism, Shipbuilding industries and Agriculture. Service and Manufacturing are lesser but quite important as well. The area is known as being beautiful, which makes it a popular tourist attraction. The Climate is tundric, oceanic, continental and humid, since its expands in a little into the equator. The region is home to 10 Billion people.
  • Budai: The continent is based on chemicals and other refine products, shipbuilding and refilling, as well as mining are important activities. Agriculture is also somehow important, but lesser, as well as mining, resource extraction and ship repairing. Most of its climate is humid, with large jungles. It has a total population of 8 Billion.