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Flag of Herschel Space.

The Herschel Space Council is a government body that regulates most of the affairs occuring within the Herschel Space. This body takes into account all nations within this Space, in order to manage internal issues of this area of the Universe. The Council was created by Humans and local Alien species, such as the Aldorians, the Krizik, the Arati and others, to manage issues such as war, trading disputes, famines, aid, military and scientific support and exchange, education, refugee crisis, internal war, etc...

The Council was based mostly on the Human council, The Lewis Council, and slightly on the Talondra Assembly and the Krizik Compound.

It has several large nations within its borders, much of which are Human, but others aren't. The Aldorians and Krizik are the other two Species with significant importance. Minor Alien nations also participate, and often join in coalition to have their voice heard against the superpowers of the Council.

The council was created in 53 108 CE to regulate extragalactic affairs of the Herschel space

The Current Members of the Council are as Follow: