Hes'un Confederacy

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"When the Hes'uni joined, I honestly thought that they were going to back-stab up the first chance that they got. They were pretty up front about the fact that they didn't really want to join the Federation when we first met them. They joined because they didn't have any other choice. I'm happy that they proved me wrong."

-Commune Federation Oswaihr Captain Ushaara Kes-Gal'Larerer

The Hes'un Confederacy (Hess-Uun) was an independent Faction in Verpletter, that became a part of the Commune Federation. It now acts as a semi-autonomous region within the Commune Federation. People from this region are referred to as Hes'uni (Hess-uun-knee).

The Hes'un Confederacy is a multi-species confederacy based around an ideology that they refer to collectively as Hes'un - Translating roughly to "The many of the One", a collectivist philosophy that preaches the belief that all life is destined to become intertwined, and ergo, all life must be respected wherever possible.

While they sought to remain independent of the Commune Federation originally, they became members due to their close proximity with the Kreigsleute. The Commune Federation sought to respect their original desires, and made the region into a semi-independent autonomous zone. Since then, the Confederacy has become a major contributor to the Federation, with many seeing themselves as much a part of the Federation as the Confederacy.


The Hes'un Confederacy is based around the belief that all life in the universe is inherently interconnected to one another, making all life in the universe in a sense, all part of one grand cosmic family. Their desire is to unite all life under this belief, with the end goal being to end conflict and create a universe dedicated to the pursuit of progress on as many lines as possible. This belief seems to extend to none sentient creatures as well, and many Hes'uni are careful to not kill or harm any creature, regardless of it's level of sentience, unless doing so is absolutely unavoidable.

Their ideology, the Hes'un, seems to be one part political theory, and one part religion, though the Hes'un claim to not have a God as part of their ideology, and do not oppose members worshipping the various Gods of their respective cultures, provided it does not conflict with the Hes'un. Spirituality is a part of the Hes'un, with many of it's adherents believing that they have a metaphysical duty to the Hes'un.

Society and Culture

Like with other Major Factions and worlds, the Hes'un Confederacy does not have a singular unified culture, as it varies from system to system, and world to world.

Being a self autonomous region within the Commune Federation, the Hes'un Confederacy is granted a large degree of freedom to govern itself. This has lead to it being a very distinct region of space within the Commune Federation, with it's own customs and laws. It is often treated as a nation onto itself within the Federation.

Broadly speaking however, the Confederacy appears to be a largely egalitarian society. Life is considered sacred in a very literal sense, with a majority of it's population believing that taking life is an affront to the Hes'un itself, unless there is no other option to protect another's life. It is in part because of this that the Confederacy was hesitant to join the Commune Federation, as they saw doing so as an action that would lead to a violation of the Hes'un in conditions that they would consider unacceptable, though due to their encounters with other imperialist Factions, this has become a changed perspective within the Confederacy. This belief does allow them to serve in the Commune Federation's defensive and military forces. These individuals are referred to as Hes'ak Az'ak - 'Those who willingly violate the Hes'un so others need not.' It is often seen as an act of great self sacrifice, and as such, Hes'ak Az'ak are respected deeply.

Due to the Hes'un and the beliefs of it, much of the culture within the Confederacy takes into account the lives of others. For example, vegan ethics are the standards, as eating another life is seen as abhorrent unless the situation is dire enough that doing so is the only way to preserve other life. This has resulted in a broadly vegetarian diet, with much of the meat needed for the carnivorous species being synthetically created.

Many locations within the Confederacy are often seeming with life. Cities will have large zones sectioned off as nature preserves, and some, such as the capital of the Confederacy, Hes'un, will have large aquariums outside and surrounding it's governmental buildings and other public institutions. The value of life runs deep throughout the Confederacy, and many worlds are developed with the consideration of local wildlife being taken into account.

Founding Species

There are five species that were incorporated into the Hes'un Confederacy before the arrival of the Commune Federation. These species are usually referred to as 'Founders'.

Name Home-world Description
Hex Hexkar The Hex are a gaseous form of life, which possesses a small stone at it's center which acts as a brain. The Hex are able to keep this stone afloat due to the properties of the gas that they are made of. The Hex are native to the planet Hexkar, an arid Terra world.
Grish Grishyon The Grish are a species of amphibious humanoids. They possess two arms and two legs, and four eyes. These eyes can be extended from their skulls via a socket that can extend their eyes outward. They do not possess noses or teeth. They are native to Grishyon, and have created settlements deep in the oceans, and along the coastlines of their world, though do not inhabit the more inland areas.
L'Skarr Yt'Orra The L'Skarr are a reptilian species native to the planet Yt'Orra. They are covered in purple scales and are otherwise similar in appearance to the Kessenski or the Sürunen. While a carnivorous species, they have put this aspect of their lives aside to serve the Hes'un.
Quirri Quirren The Quirri are a humanoid species which are genetically split down the middle of their bodies - This resulted in, for example, heterochromia being the norm throughout the species, as well as two-tone hair, and multiple skin colours, all split down the center. The Quirri are one of the most widespread of the Hes'un species, being found all throughout the Federation. They possess a culture based around service and duty, and as such are the most common Hes'ak Az'ak.
Losk Losk The Losk are a plant-based species native to their world of the same name. They are akin to humanoid trees, with bark instead of skin, and emit oxygen as they breath in carbon dioxide. The Losk are often found on forest and jungle worlds, working alongside the local colonists to ensure protection of local ecosystems.
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