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"This Planet holds the soul of the empire, the core of state worship of the nation on the form of a bright flame. It has been said that in case the fire is gone, calamity over the nation will fall upon us all. The fire is preserved by the millennia old Ardent Priesthood, where virgin women take care of the worship and preservation of the Eternal Flame. Presenting its respect in form of an oath is a must for all rulers and any high government position in this country. The Emperor has a Palace in the planet, to enjoy its mild and agreeable climate. A place to retire from busy live in Elpida and escape from Tarnis cold weather. A place to enjoy the divine beverage known as Hestias Wine, one of the best commodities ever found in the Empire and this world's best known export." - Senator Maes Prime

Planet Hestias is a terran world a terrestrial terra, orbiting a Giant red star, known as Elidon from which the Elidon System takes its name. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, deep in Herschel Space.The planet and its moon, Opis, are both habitable but were terraformed to suit human life. Hestia has a predominant Mediterranean like weather with some warmer climate towards the tropics and colder towards the northern and southern poles.

The Planet is famously known as the location where the Temple of the Sacred Flame, the Eternal fire of the Empire, is located. Its the center of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. This world was named after the ancient goddess of Hestia, to mimic and honor Roman traditions from the crALDe of humanity and the Eternal flame tradition, a roman adapted cult by the Empire.

This world is the base for the Ardent Priesthood. Some of the priestesses are sent to important planets to guard for small representations of the original flame in local temples. For example, in Elpida, in The Dome of a Thousand Stars, a small fire, taken from the original fire in this temple, is taken care of by some of the 10 of most important priestesses, sent to guard it. Emperors are actually crowned in front of this fire although soon after, they usually have to travel to Hestias to make an oath of protection to the state.

It was settled in 23,088 CE by settlers from Mitra, Haldar and Thetis in successive waves.

Hestias is mostly an idyllic planet, with very nice weather. It is commonly referred to as one of the most luxurious Agri Worlds of the Empire of Mankind. Most of its production is based on farming for important and luxurious goods of the cuisine of the Empire. The most famous of all the items produced in this world is Hestias wine, which is exported all over the Universe and one of the planets main exports. This wine is considered to be a delicacy.

City of Melistare

Hestias also has a high amount of palaces or villas, and is a place of retirement and holidays for many Nobles and rich citizens and sometimes is visited by common citizens on holidays. Most have build palaces over in Hestias to enjoy is gracious climate, clean beaches, peaceful nature, blue seas and beautiful landscapes.

Even the Emperor has a Large Palace in the Planet, the Third biggest in the Entire Nation after those in Elpida and Tarnis. The Emperor and its family spend some peaceful time away from the capital from time to time in this planet, especially when they seek comfortable weather and warm atmospheres.

Hestias and its moon, Opis.

Hestias as seen from Opis surface.