The Hidden Figures are a group of around fifteen shadow figures located on planet Sidera in the Dryas Cloud of the Ambrosia Galaxy. They are theorized to have come into existence at 12,000,000,000 BCE, roughly the same time of the mysterious disappearance of the elusive Ones that Came Before.


The Hidden Figures are one of, if not the most mysterious entities of the Ambrosia Galaxy. What exactly they are isn't very well understood, as the exact size and structure of these figures varies depending on the interpretation of the individual(s) viewing it. But a few constants can be understood.

For one: they all share a shadowy black tone in their color, making them nearly impossible to see during Sidera's night, if those viewing them do not have nocturnal or infrared vision. This caused the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems to believe they were linked to the visually similar Noctis-Umbra, but this proved to be untrue due to the figures predating the species by several billions of years.

Second: would be that they seem to be able to be viewed at any distance away from them on the planet, always looming from the left side of an individual's vision. Even if the species of this individual has various types of eyes like compound, or ones with full three hundred and sixty degree vision. Though, once an individual comes closer to the figures position, they will seemingly shrink in accordance to their peripheral vision.

Third: is that their appearance, size, and over all structure will vary depending on those who look at them. For some individuals, they appear to be nothing more then shadowy shapes that could vary from circles, squares, or ink blobs. And to others, they will take the appearance of various species either living, or extinct. This interpretation of the figures have varied from them being seen as Humans, Meerkeethus, or Zythyns, or any other known species that have been documented.

Fourth: is that they don't appear to have physical form. If one tries to touch the figures, their respective appendages will simply go through them, as if they were nothing but mere light. Despite this, through the analyzation of rock around the Hidden Figures, we've been able to ascertain that they were once physical objects, and the rough age of the objects, dating them all the way back to 12,000,000,000 BCE, the time of the Ones that Came Before's disappearance.

And fifth: is that they seem to share some link to the mysterious ancient civilization known as the: "Ones Who Came Before", a title given to them by the equally elusive Etymology. The exact relation they have to them is unknown to the current caretakers of the Ambrosia Galaxy, but the Etymology seemed to be aware of some sort of link they had to the Ones That Came Before.


The Hidden Figures *known* history begins at the destruction of the Ones That Came Before, an ancient mid type 3 civilization that held control over the Ambrosia Galaxy in its early history on the planet of Sidera in 12,000,000,000 BCE.

Around 890,070,240 BCE, the figures would be discovered by the Etymology. Once discovered, the Etymology, and more specifically, Mystara, would preform various tests on the anomalous figures. These test would reveal to the Etymology that the Hidden Figures were linked to the Ones That Came Before, and were one of the few concrete examples of their existence that the Etymology was aware of.

Much later, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would discover the Lingo System, and the planet of Sidera in 68,000 CE. Once discovered, various land surveyors would be sent to Sidera due to its relative temperate climate. And of course, due to the Hidden Figures nature, they would be discovered almost immediately. After the land surveyors gave contradicting accounts of the figures, the Department of Etymology Technological Research would establish a research station around the strange objects, unfortunately however, very little information about them has been able to be discovered.

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