"I was dumbfounded when I first caught wind of this plan... Just sitting there and hearing my advisors tell me about an AI. AI was dangerous, and I knew it... and everyone knew it, really. However, I think that risking our lives with our own machinery would be better than risking ours with a mysterious force. I was there when it activated for the first time, and waves of relief washed over my body as I saw it follow orders and stay cordial. I knew that OSIR (Hindsight's old name) would be our key out of this pit of hell." - Apharos Strizotvia, Timporian Leader of the CUEN.


Hindsight, often known by its old acronym OSIR, (Observation and Strategic Intelligence Relay) is a collection of sapient and militaristic artificial superintelligences. Originally built to battle POLIKY in the War of the Ancients, Hindsight has since been repurposed as the de-facto CUEN military force. Hindsight has direct control over countless drone forces and military ship forces, which has elevated the Commonwealth to be the second-highest military force by far. The CUEN also has the most numerous drone system, which was implemented during the War of the Ancients.

While Hindsight is sapient and able to control the military, it is still blanketed with various fail-safes and protection systems. With these, it is known that Hindsight has stood in order, and has completed various objectives with no issue. However, its sheer power has still made many citizens and government officials paranoid of a potential rebellion. This is what called for the construction of various safeguards, which activate in the case of Hindsight acting out of order. These safety measures are in a level of severity, which escalate to the destruction of Hindsight. A potential conflict with Hindsight would be tedious and dangerous, and it is projected that it would only damage both parties. The last safeguard is the most important one: the creation of a new AI, or even better, an upgraded version of OSIR.

Hindsight is constantly checked for errors, with countless servers acting as a dedicated 'watch force' for Hindsight. The code is often monitored, and is usually at optimal performance. While everything may seem fine with Hindsight, there have been times when the watch force has detected something wrong. In those cases, parts of code were shut down, and new ones were installed. It is usually a simple process that sacrifices nothing with the machinery.


The main computer for Hindsight is where all the decision making for the CUEN military occurs. There are several thousand secretive computers that act as a backup for this system. The saving of basic information is also conducted periodically, which is uploaded to a secure cloud network, isolated from any system on the CUEN's internet. This is done so that if anything should happen to the main computer, it will not affect the rest of the system. This is also done to prevent any forms of chaotic groups attacking the Hindsight mainframe.

Hindsight has several surrounding branches, which all function independently. The most major one, which is OSIR, is the overseer for much of the CUENs military. There are two other major branches, which are named AICO (Advanced Intergalactic Communications Observer) and and CIPI (Centered Intelligence of Police and Infrastructure). The main computers for OSIR, AICO, and CIPI are a very secure system, with everything from communications to internal security being managed by the CUEN itself. All branches even have their own operating systems, computing languages, and standards. Communications between branches are common, as well.


Construction on Hindsight began amidst the War of the Ancients, when the Commonwealth joined the fight against the mysterious and enigmatic Quintet Puontari Federations. Fearing heavy backlash from POLIKY, Hindsight was created as a tactical AI, built for analyzing movements in fighting advanced forces. As POLIKY was far more advanced, severe amounts of funding was directed towards Hindsight as a desperate but effective measure of catching up.

The first battles against POLIKY were very poor, as the severely advanced enemy systems has much more tactical training. However, behind the scenes, Hindsight was being taught trillions of hours of combat simulations. Eventually, Hindsight got a grip on POLIKY and both sides began warring tremendously. This was the point in which the QPF began using their Artifacts, which decimated biological crewed forces. Places like the CoB, which began setting up their old tactical AIs, got destroyed as well, which caused Hindsight to go off and protect the Confederate forces for a time. All the while, the QPF was slowly inching towards the CUEN with their weapons.

When the Confederacy mastered he art of tactical AI once more, Hindsight and the CoB forces pushed back at the QPF, and began to reverse engineer their old technologies. A state of gridlock was soon implemented, with cyber attacks becoming very common from one side to another. This came to a point in which biological forces, like pilots and soldiers, were needed to push anything.

Eventually, the QPF went with full-use of any remaining artifacts, including the Essence of the Ancients. This caused many pulls and pushes within the War of the Ancients, but Hindsight soon distracted the QPF forces, and allowed the CUEN to pass. Slowly cornering them off, the QPF began to shrank and became more hostile. Finally, war exhaustion and the threat of extinction caused the QPF and the nations of the Local Group to sign a ceasefire, ending the War of the Ancients.

After the War of the Ancients, Hindsight was still very useful, especially since hours of many kinds of training had helped it grow and develop deep thought. After much consideration, Hindsight was repurposed as several distinct AIs, used to purely benefit the Commonwealth and its member nations. Better communications were set up, police was revitalized, and the Commonwealth military trusted Hindsight to guide it along.


The War of the Ancients
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