The Hope Asteroid Belt is a mass of asteroids in orbit around the star Hope in the Ambrosia Galaxy. Its members range from size of around two kilometers, to two hundred kilometers in diameter.


The Hope Asteroid Belt, like all asteroid belts is a large expanse of asteroids orbiting its parent star, while remaining in orbital resonance with itself. This asteroid belt is also where the two dwarf planets Petram and Iusto reside.

Because of its close proximity to Hope, its members are very hot, usually ranging in temperature from around 160°C to 350°C. Because of this extreme heat, and very little need for colonies, the asteroid belt is left uninhabited, other then robotic mining operations sent from Petram.

Originally the asteroid belt was the first planet of the Hope System. This ancient planet was a scorched Selena world around 7800 kilometers in diameter. However this planet would gradually be torn apart due to tidal forces inflicted upon it by Hope, and the gas giant Heittrisa.

Other then small mining operations by the Havenites, and later the Ambrosia Alliance, no civilization has made their home there.


The ancient planet that would later become the Hope Asteroid belt, fully formed around 4,794,000,000 BCE. However due to tidal forces this planet would be gravitationally torn apart throughout the remaining four million years of its existence.

During the Etymology era the Havenites would send robotic probes to mine its asteroids. And the Etymology's successor, the Ambrosia Alliance, would continue to do the same.

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